Goth Annie is one of the first batch of skins released in 2009 as part of a promotion

Goth Annie was issued along with the purchase of a collector’s edition by the release of the game, like Black Alistar, Silver Kayle and, probably, in my humble opinion, one of the best skins on Annie.

Annie is one of the first 6 champions to be added to League of Legends and the Goth skin Annie shares a Gothic theme with Emumu, the game looks interesting enough!

Annie herself appears in a dark robe with purple hair, but that’s not all, with the help of a dark magic ritual she calls for the help of her faithful servant Tibbers, who, in turn, also underwent changes, becoming darker with purple shades and also sewn from various pieces, reminds a Voodoo doll and looks terribly ominous!

She is not a child as it would presume by her looks and you should also don’t fall victim to those coy looks too. Her parents are no more but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is not tough because she is extremely tough and can manage her day-to-day activities including the fight against crime and people who wreak consistent havoc within the arena.

How to get Goth Annie in 2022?

Fortunately, the skin is still available in starter pack in the official store, but if you are looking for a new account and would like Goth Annie to be on it, you can buy an account with the skin already activated on it in our store.

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The price is always compared with the benefits you get in return. So, there are some benefits that you will get in return for that price. There are certain abilities of Goth Annie which the first one is Disintegrate mana. In this Goth Annie infused a fireball and then it became strong to damage the enemy heavily. Furthermore, incinerate can damage many enemies by increasing the range of fire attacks. The molten shield protects from the basic attack of the enemies to save health. Lastly, it burns the target with the use of Pyromania which damages the enemy in two heavy attacks of fire.

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