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Grey Warwick – today we will talk about the skin, which, like Medieval Twitch, was presented as participating in the “Invite a Friend” campaign Grey Warwick. It was necessary to invite a lot of friends and spend a lot of hours to get it.
But, unfortunately, the validity of the action has come to an end, so Riot Games, upon the numerous requests of all those players who did not manage to get a skin during the action or started playing after it, added Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick in honor 5 capsules, thereby causing quite logical indignation of the other part of the players who already have these skins, I remind you that in order to get these skins it was necessary to bring a huge number of friends into the game, because of which these skins were incredibly rare, and after introducing them into the capsules their rarity decreased.
The skin itself shows us an older version of Warwick with a rather unusual appearance detail, namely a sword sticking out of his back, which he seems to not pay attention to when moving, looks rather creepy and recognizable by many players.
Complaints about the availability of this skin come to Riot Games to this day, even on the well-known portal Reddit, discussions about the rarity of this skin and the need for it to be publicly available do not cease, and as we know, Riot Games listens very well to the opinion of the community and it is likely that this skin will soon disappear from open access again and will never appear there again.
How to get Grey Warwick in 2020?
There are a couple of topical ways to get this skin.
1) Get honor 5 lvl and hope for it to fall out of the capsule
2) Buy an account with a Grey Warwick skin already activated on it on our website, where a wide selection of this and many other skins is presented.
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