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Harbinger Kassadin Review

Harbinger Kassadin is a regular skin released on July 12, 2011, for the champion Kassadin in the popular game League of Legends. This skin falls under the category of regular skins and can be bought in-game for 975 RP. In this article, we’ll explore the lore, concept, design, sound effects, animations, and unique features of Harbinger Kassadin. So, get ready to delve into the darkness that awaits!


harbringer kassadin splash art

In the massive and mysterious universe of League of Legends, the Void is a super mysterious force that represents unimaginable nothingness. It always craves destruction, waiting for its overseers, the Watchers, to signal the ultimate doom. Harbinger Kassadin is a messenger of the Void, born from the primordial chaos with one purpose: to announce the impending doom.

Concept and Inspiration

Harbinger Kassadin is a skin that will surely captivate fans of H.R. Giger. It draws inspiration from the iconic artist’s fusion of organic and mechanical styles, creating an awe-inspiring design. The detailed armor, with ornate decorations, combines the coldness of metal with the grotesque allure of exposed flesh. The carefully arranged spikes convey deliberate aggression, exuding a sense of unearthly power.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

harbringer kassadin turn

Harbinger Kassadin’s design is a visual feast, showcasing a symphony of black armor that exudes both elegance and intensity. The intricate details blend seamlessly, creating a stunning mix of complexity and simplicity. The upper body features finely crafted metal lines that elegantly frame the flowing fabric, while the lower body maintains a more streamlined and straightforward look.

While the skin doesn’t introduce new particles, the addition of a new Nether Blade adds a delightful touch. This updated weapon perfectly matches Harbinger Kassadin’s surrealistic design and classic abilities. However, it’s important to note that his abilities and sound effects remain the same as the base Kassadin.

While not as cool as H.R. Giger’s stuff, his splash art mixes metal and flesh in a super interesting way. In the background, you can still see cool organic structures in the design. 

Unique Features

  • Striking Visuals: Harbinger Kassadin’s appearance blends organic and mechanical elements, evoking a sense of awe and fear. The intricately designed armor and the fusion of clean metal and sickly flesh create a dark yet captivating aesthetic.
  • Nether Blade Transformation: With the new Nether Blade, Harbinger Kassadin wields a weapon that perfectly complements his surrealistic design. The updated blade seamlessly integrates with his abilities, adding visual flair to his devastating attacks.
  • Eerie Presence: Playing as Harbinger Kassadin creates a distinct atmosphere. The skin’s visuals and audio work together to create an ominous and foreboding presence on the battlefield.

How to Get It in 2023

If you want to add this skin to your skin collection, you can easily acquire it through various means. One convenient option is to visit the in-game shop in LoL, where you can buy this skin for 975 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can visit Smurfmania.com, a trusted online marketplace that offers a wide range of League of Legends skins, including Harbinger Kassadin. Just browse their catalog, select the skin, and complete the purchase to unlock the dark and awe-inspiring appearance of Harbinger Kassadin.

Gamers Feedback

“Oh look, a skin that looks exactly like his original skin)”

“This skin doesn’t worth 975, it should be 750.”

“Kinda looks like Alarak, but not even in a good way.”

My Feedback

I have to say that Harbinger Kassadin has made a lasting impression on me. While not everyone may feel the same way, I find this skin to be a remarkable addition to Kassadin’s collection. The slightly fancier armor gives him a distinct and eye-catching look, reminiscent of the Illithid creatures from Dungeons & Dragons.

One aspect that stands out to me is the unique design of Harbinger Kassadin’s pipes and his imposing helmet, resembling a metallic octopus. It’s as if he has emerged from the depths of the Void itself, ready to unleash his devastating powers upon his enemies. Furthermore, I appreciate the smoother auto animation that Harbinger Kassadin offers during gameplay, adding fluidity to his movements.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for this skin. Some argue that it resembles the original Kassadin too much, diminishing its perceived uniqueness. Nevertheless, I believe that the distinct and intricate armor sets Harbinger Kassadin apart, providing a visually appealing alternative for fans of the champion.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, it is a fantastic skin that offers an attractive and horrifying appearance, both macabre and captivating. The blend of organic and mechanical elements, inspired by H.R. Giger’s works creates a surreal and otherworldly design that is sure to grab attention. The inclusion of the Nether Blade adds visual flair, enhancing the overall thematic coherence.

If you’re a dedicated Kassadin fan or someone who appreciates biomechanical nightmares, Harbinger Kassadin is undoubtedly a great choice. However, it’s worth noting that the skin feels somewhat overpriced considering its lack of additional features.

Taking everything into account, I would give Harbinger Kassadin a rating of 7 out of 10. While it possesses an impressive new design, the skin falls short in terms of additional elements. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for visually striking skin for Kassadin, Harbinger Kassadin remains an intriguing option that embraces the darkness within.


What is Harbinger Kassadin and when was it released?

It is a regular skin released on July 12, 2011, for the champion Kassadin in League of Legends.

What is the lore behind Harbinger Kassadin?

It is a messenger of the Void, born from the primordial chaos, with the purpose of announcing impending doom.

What is the concept and inspiration behind Harbinger Kassadin’s design?

Harbinger Kassadin draws inspiration from H.R. Giger’s fusion of organic and mechanical styles. It features intricate armor, a mix of cold metal and exposed flesh, and deliberate aggression in its design.

What are the unique features of Harbinger Kassadin?

It has striking visuals, a new Nether Blade weapon that complements its design, and creates an eerie presence on the battlefield.

How can I obtain Harbinger Kassadin in 2023?

Harbinger Kassadin can be obtained by purchasing it in the in-game shop in League of Legends for 975 Riot Points or through trusted online marketplaces like Smurfmania.com.