Hextech Amumu – today we are talking about the relatively new craft Hextech Amumu skin. The skin was released in September 2019 and is now the youngest skin of the hextech series.
The developers have literally changed everything in this skin. New models, textures, new sounds, new animations and even partial voice processing. The skin itself looks as if some inventive protoss from starcraft made a toy for itself, as evidenced by the winding key on his head, which seems to stop rotation and Amumu itself stops, and in appearance nothing remains of the former Amumu, as if he had been pulled out of a separate universe (but we all know that the entire hextech line has a special, incomparable appearance).

How to get Hextech Amumu in 2022?

Like the entire line of Hextech skins, which includes such skins as:
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Hextech Anivia
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They can be obtained using the hextech craftig by collecting 10 gemstone or if you are incredibly lucky then pull it out of the box, it will not even require orange essense to activate it, but will immediately be added to your inventory!
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