Hextech Swain

Rarity: Mythic

Price: 10 Gemstones.

Release Date: TBD

Concept: Swain in the Hextech theme.

Model: New models and textures!

Particles: New visual effects: Hextech-entwined magic!

Animations: A brand new recall animation

Sounds: Fully redone SFX effects

Is it possible to buy in the game? Yes, through the in-game hextech crafting system.

“The Hextech Master, known as Jericho Svein, is an almost legendary figure among Piltover’s growing upper crust. Although he claims to not interfere in urban affairs, he calmly integrates the various components of hext technology into his own body … and with them unprecedented access to the eyes and ears of thousands of artificial creatures. ”
Hextech skins are at the top of the list when it comes to special skins. Due of their high price, they are incredibly difficult to get. To obtain one of them, you must swap ten Gemstones. We want to be able to buy the greatest skin, not obsess over it, hence limited skins are always placed lower. Blue and purple colors dominate the skin. Swain’s “Joke” animation allows players to feed jewels to their pet birds. During his W ability, Vision of Empire, gems may also be seen.

How to get Hextech Swain in 2022?

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