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High Command Katarina Review

The High Command Katarina skin is a popular choice among League of Legends players who love Katarina’s fierce and deadly playstyle. Released on February 22, 2011, as a regular skin in the game, it offers a cool new look for Katarina, turning her into a high-ranking Noxian military officer. It costs 750 RP, so it’s accessible to players who want to enhance their gaming experience with a touch of militaristic style.


high command katarina splash art

In the big world of League of Legends, Noxus is a powerful and feared empire. It’s known for being brutal, ambitious, and always looking menacing. The High Command Katarina skin embodies the Noxian military culture by dressing Katarina as a high-ranking officer of the empire. With her dedication to Noxus, Katarina becomes a symbol of strength and loyalty in the chaos of battle.

Concept and Inspiration

The idea behind High Command Katarina is to showcase the champion’s attractive and deadly qualities while capturing her status as a high-ranking Noxian military figure. Although the skin might not fully live up to the expectations set by its awesome splash art, it does a great job of combining Katarina’s attractiveness with her lethal abilities. The clothing strikes a balance between being suggestive and revealing, showing just enough skin to be alluring.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

high command katarina turn

High Command Katarina’s design gives off a powerful vibe. She wears a sleek black leather jacket and cool black boots with metal plates. Her blades maintain their classic design but have intricately decorated sockets with skulls, which adds a touch of elegance and intimidation. The golden accents give the skin a fancy look without sacrificing practicality in battle. The hooked style of her swords gives her Bouncing Blade ability a unique visual twist, making it feel even more lethal.

While there aren’t any new animations for High Command Katarina, her splash art looks amazing. She stands in the rain, ready with her swords, showing determination in the face of danger. The contrast between her calm demeanor and the siege weapons behind her tells a captivating story, perhaps hinting at an infiltration mission.

Unique Features

  • Distinct Noxian Military Theme: High Command Katarina represents the powerful and authoritative atmosphere of the Noxian military with its black leather jacket, high boots, and intricate details that give it an aristocratic feel.
  • Skull-adorned Blades: Katarina’s blades are not only deadly but also visually striking, with skull decorations on their sockets that add intimidation and style.
  • Hooked Sword Design: The hooked style of her swords gives her Bouncing Blade ability a unique and captivating twist, making her attacks feel even more lethal and satisfying.

How to Get It in 2023

If you want to get the High Command Katarina skin, you can buy it in the League of Legends in-game store for 750 Riot Points. You can also get it from Smurfmania.com, a trusted source for all your League of Legends needs. Just go to their website, find High Command Katarina, and make the purchase. Once you’ve completed the transaction, you can equip the skin and unleash Katarina’s Noxian military might on the battlefield.

Gamers Feedback

“Bilgewater and High Command got better after the rework cause now you see the blades she is actually holding on the floor as the opposite of before when the mark was the same as the classic.”

“Best Katarina skin imo. Even better than Death Sworn.”

“After two years since rework, Katarina still has poor animation and it kinda makes me sad. I know she supposes to be all about speed but adding a red slash at a target where she lands E or a glow red or blue portal for appearance effect like she was in the cinematic wouldn’t be a big deal.”

My Feedback

I’ve had the pleasure of adding this skin to my collection, and it quickly became one of my favorite choices for Katarina’s appearance. There’s something undeniably captivating about the fierce daggers she wields and the overall look of the skin.

Among Katarina’s simpler skins like Mercenary, Red Card, Bilgewater, and Kitty Cat, High Command stands out as one of the best in my opinion. While it shares some similarities with the Mercenary skin, High Command Katarina takes her classic theme to another level with a touch of militaristic style. It brings a sense of power and authority to her character, making playing this deadly assassin even more exciting.

That being said, it’s important to acknowledge that every skin has its flaws. For example, I wish her hair had a slightly different shade or style to make it more distinctive. Some players argue that there’s minimal difference between the classic skin and High Command Katarina, which can be disappointing for those looking for a more transformative appearance.

To further explain the skin’s appeal, let’s compare it to the Mercenary Katarina skin. While the two share similarities, like the black leather jacket and the overall theme of a fierce assassin, High Command Katarina adds an extra layer of sophistication with its decorative details, skull-adorned blades, and overall Noxian military style. These small design elements make a noticeable difference, showing the attention to detail that sets this skin apart.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the High Command Katarina skin is an impressive addition to any League of Legends player’s collection, especially if you’re a fan of Katarina. It embraces her Noxian military persona and enhances her classic theme with a touch of militaristic style. Although there are some design issues, like the unnecessarily high boots that cover the gaps on the sides of her tights and the jacket going under her trousers, these flaws don’t significantly detract from the skin’s overall appeal.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate High Command Katarina a solid 7. The new projectile for Bouncing Blade and the overall design enhances the visual experience of playing as this formidable assassin. However, it’s important to note that this rating is subjective, and your personal preference may vary.


What is the High Command Katarina skin in League of Legends?

The High Command Katarina skin is a cosmetic option that transforms Katarina into a high-ranking Noxian military officer. It adds a touch of militaristic style to her appearance.

How much does the High Command Katarina skin cost and how can I obtain it in 2023?

The High Command Katarina skin costs 750 Riot Points (RP) in the League of Legends in-game store. You can also purchase it from trusted sources like Smurfmania.com.

What are the unique features of the High Command Katarina skin?

The skin features a distinct Noxian military theme with a black leather jacket and high boots. Katarina’s blades have skull decorations, and the hooked sword design adds a unique twist to her Bouncing Blade ability.

Does the High Command Katarina skin have any new animations?

No, the skin does not have any new animations. However, the splash art for the skin is visually impressive and showcases Katarina’s determination in the face of danger.

How does the High Command Katarina skin compare to other Katarina skins?

The High Command Katarina skin stands out among Katarina’s simpler skins with its touch of militaristic style and decorative details. While it may share similarities with the Mercenary skin, it adds sophistication and a distinctive Noxian military flair.