How to Create Your Own LoL Build?

The League of Legends meta has changed over the years which has also changed the items that people use on their champions. With new patches, the meta changes, with new changes the items people run on their champions change. Many have resorted to creating certain builds to best suit their playstyle. Many players wonder how to find the “correct” build or the “best” build. The truth is that there is no correct or best build, sure some builds are better than others depending on the champion. But what is more important is the adaptation to the other team. Certain items may be favored over others against certain champions to counter them. Even so, many players still create the main build that they will follow for most of their matches. So, How to Create Your Own LoL Build? To create your League of Legends build this is what you should do.

Understand your Champion

First, you need to understand your champion, after you understand your champion only then will you get an idea for what items should be built on your champion. You have to understand the role of the champion too, is the champion going to be tanking? Dealing damage? Healing? All of these factors need to be taken into account.

Figure out what you need to Succeed

Well, we’re coming closer to the point (How to Create Your Own LoL Build). Once you have understood the role of your champion, figure out what your champion needs to succeed, does it need damage, health, armor, magic resist, ability power, etc. After you have decided the stats you need to succeed, list out items that fit into that category. For example, you could put Infinity Edge under an attack damage critical strike category for carry champions.

Get an idea of what items to buy first

Usually, the items that are bought at the beginning of the game are starter items. Afterward, some players may get a bit confused depending on what to get next. Some players may go for a damaging item, some may go for boots. The first item is of course dependent on the situation and your gold, but usually, you want to get the main item first and then develop boots afterward. Start building up to your first main item and then focus on boots later.

Buying in the Mid game and Late Game

The Mid and Late game is dependent on your team’s performance and the other team. Depending on the situation you may need certain items to counter the opponent, or you may opt for damaging items that will further increase your DPS. Whichever is the case, your core items/main item should already have been bought. These items are usually the items the champion takes every single game and is a staple item. Once your core items are bought, the rest can be filled depending on your team’s needs. Here we go, let’s get straight to in-game items to gain a better understanding of “How to Create Your Own LoL Build” question.

Examples of an ADC Build

Starting Items

Ex: Doran’s Blade/Doran’s Shield and Health Potions

Doran’s Blade is a standard ADC starting item as it gives attack damage, health, and lifesteal. Doran’s Blade has been a standard starting item for a very long time. Some players may want to get Doran’s Shield instead as it provides more survivability. Furthermore, health potions will enable you to survive in lane a little longer and will allow you to take more fights in the bot lane.

Upgraded Item

Ex: B.F Sword

An Upgraded Item is the main item that you usually get after your starting items. This item is dependent on your champion, so not all Upgraded Items will work for every champion. Find the best items for your specific champion. Some items will benefit your champion more than others

Finished Item

Ex: Infinity Edge

A finished item again depends on the champion. These items are finished and cannot be upgraded further. Finished items are going to be the strongest and most important items in your lineup. Certain finished items fare better on certain champions than others. The first finished item you create should be a core item for that champion. Core items are items that come standard with the champion and are almost always taken. These items are the bulk of your damage source and can immensely improve the output of the ADC. Now we’re going totake a look on How to Create Your Own LoL Build from an in-game role perspective.

Examples of a Tank Build

Staring Items
Ex: Doran’s Shield

Many tanks start with Doran’s Shield as it is a standard tank starting item. This item gives health and health regeneration. This item helps with lane consistency

Upgraded Item
Ex: Giant’s Belt

Giant’s Belt is a standard health item that most tanks use as it builds into stronger health items such as Warmog’s Armor, or Deadman’s plate. Having health as a tank is important to actually survive and take hits efficiently.
Advanced Item
Ex: Deadman’s plate

Many tanks use Deadman’s plate as it is an item that enables you to gain momentum. Momentum gives you stacks that translate into movement speed. For slow tanks, this is a great item to increase movement speed around the map overall. Furthermore, the second ability of Deadman’s plate allows the stacks of momentum to be expelled when attacking, which deals extra magic damage to the target. Deaman’s plate also comes with armor and health, necessities for all tanks.

Example Full Build for Ashe

Here is an example full build for Ashe, this will help you get an idea for which items you should take and how you can create your build for other champions.

Staring Items
Doran’s Blade and Health Potion

Doran’s Blade and Health Potions are self-explanatory, they are staple items that most ADCs should you. Just having that extra damage and life steal is important to stay in lane for longer.

Core Items
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge is a standard damaging item. It will enable Ashe to deal with an immense amount of damage further increasing her damage potential.

Berserker’s Greaves
These boots are standard boots for most ADCs since they give attack speed.

Runnan’s Hurricane
In combination with Ranger’s Focus, it will enable her to further increase the use of her Q. This will help her deal more damage to enemies in close vicinity.

Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is a great item in general just to increase the attack speed. Having high attack speed, and multiple shots with Runnan’s Hurricane will only further her damage output.

Other Items

Blade of the Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King is a great item to take down tanky opponents due to its unique passive.
Blade of the Ruined King also comes with extra damage and lifesteal making it a great item to slay tanks quickly and efficiently

Guardian Angel
This item gives a bit more survivability to squishy champions like Ashe, this would enable her to survive a bit longer and give her a second chance at life if she needs it.

Maw of Malmortius
The Maw is a great item when dealing with high AP damage enemies. Having the shield from the Hexdrinker and the extra magic resist from the item itself is great against AP enemies.

Last Whisper
Last Whisper is an item that you want to build depending on the other team. If the other team has a lot of armor, you might want to build the Last Whisper before an item like Guardian Angel. This item gives armor penetration which is a great tank killer. After getting Last Whisper, choosing between the next two advanced items are contingent on the enemy team. That would depend on the number of tanks and healing opportunities they have.

There are several ways to figure out what you’ll need in each game and how League of Legends will build for you. To begin with, there are those players that have a lot of expertise in the game and are familiar with all of the numerous items available in the shop. Furthermore, they are familiar with all of the different names and pricing associated with the late-game items. Others, on the other hand, have a smattering of knowledge from other RPGs (Role-Playing Games) and combine it with the current lol patch. As a result, in order for you to gain a thorough grasp of the LoL Builds, we’ll provide you with a wealth of information on the various gaming mechanics. Even though, we will discuss various statistics and the significance of the figures.


In conclusion, by studying the strengths and weaknesses of each champion you will only truly be able to create a build. Knowing a champion very well will enable you to find items that will benefit the champion the most. Many roles share similar items, but some items are better on certain champions than others. Being adaptable and flexible is also important as a build shouldn’t always be set in stone before the game starts. Sometimes you may need to build a certain item to counter the enemy team. That knowledge would come from experience. Hopefully, this has shed some light on how to create your League of Legends build. Most importantly, no matter the build, being skillful and practicing in-game will help you develop as a player more efficiently. Your knowledge of the game and the game’s items will surely increase the longer you play, allowing you to get a better grasp of what items to purchase. From now on you have 100% better understanding on How to Create Your Own LoL Build. Thanks for your time!

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