How To Make Money Playing League of Legends in 2022? |


How To Make Money Playing League of Legends in 2022?

How do members of our community make money using

Hello! Today we will briefly and clearly explain to you the easy and effective ways to make money using our website. We used these techniques ourselves when we started in this business, we still implement many of them!

1. Boosting – only high quality handleveled League of Legends accounts are sold on our website at very affordable prices. Therefore, many of our regular customers buy accounts, and then raise the rank on them in order to sell the account several times more expensive. It’s safe as you don’t have to worry about your account being suddenly banned for botting after you’ve invested tens or even hundreds of hours in it.


Thus, buying an account from us for less than $ 20, you can sell it in the future for more than $ 800



2. Leveling – some of our clients are pumping levels on their new accounts in order to resell them later. After reaching level 30, the account becomes much more expensive, because you can now enter the ranked competition on it. In addition, after level 30, the higher the account level rises, the faster its price grows.


3. If you do not have money for the first account to start, in our discord channel we are constantly holding account raffles, feel free to take part!

4. Coaching

If you are an experienced player who knows the game and has developed enough tricks that make it easy to climb new ranks, then you can join the increasingly popular area of ​​the market related to player education. In a nutshell, you have to accompany and teach a not very experienced player all the tricks of this game through any convenient voice chat (discord, skype and others) and the client of the League of Legends. It is worth noting that the more experienced you as a player, the more you will be paid for an hour of consultation, but sometimes you have to literally lead a beginner by the handle, playing with him and showing in practice where he makes mistakes.

5. Trading

It’s no secret that in the league of legends, as well as in no less famous games like Cs:Go , Dota 2, there are valuable skins for champions, wards, rare icons and other things you can make money with. The lack of an in-game trading platform is more than compensated by the presence of such platforms on the Internet. You are trying to buy some kind of skin / account cheaper on similar sites and sell more expensive on the same sites, constantly increasing your capital

6 Content
With a game as popular as League of Legends, it isn’t surprising if there was a market for LoL-related content. Creating a video channel and publishing new material about League of Legends is one of the simplest methods to start generating money from the game. After you’ve established a following, you may use it to generate ad money. The simplest method to achieve this is to start a League of Legends-focused YouTube or Twitch channel. The goal for YouTube is to create popular video that people will want to watch based on League of Legends. It’s possible that the material you make will contain gameplay, as well as game-related stuff like strategy tips and champion profiles.

But now how do I sell my account after I have increased its value?

There are many options: you can use the #trading channel in our discord community, where someone is constantly buying and selling something. Before we made our own website, we sold products on Ebay and competing sites, they can be easily found on Google, many of them provide the opportunity to place your account for sale.