Do you adore Kai’Sa and want to up your game? The IG Kaisa is the perfect choice for you! This incredible skin not only demonstrates your admiration for this champion, but also commemorates one of League of Legends’ greatest performances. Discover why you should obtain it by reading further in this article where we will become familiar with its features, price tag, and more.

What is IG Kai’Sa Skin

Relive the epic saga of JackeyLove’s extraordinary performance as Kai’Sa during the 2018 World Championship with IG Kai’Sa Skin. Released on April 23, 2019, this championship-themed skin offers a captivating transformation with its modern model and textures, vivid splash image, stunning animations and visual effects that bring Kai’Sa’s fantasy to life!

What are the Changes in IG Kai’Sa Skin

IG Kaisa is so much more than a simple update to the champion. It’s an entire revamp that truly makes playing as Kai’Sa incredibly immersive and fun! This new model has been designed in celebration of IG championship, featuring additional texture that adds greater detail and sophistication to Kai’Sa overall appeal. You won’t be disappointed with the result – this skin will make you really feel like part of the team! The newly released splash image of Kai’Sa makes her regalness as ADC queen come alive. Controlling her is a cinch, given the smooth and fluid animations. The visual effects are breathtaking, providing stunning visuals to accompany the immersive sounds that make playing this champion a truly unforgettable experience!

What is the Category and Price of IG Kai’Sa Skin

Invictus Gaming Kai’Sa is an iconic and invaluable epic skin, which makes its 1350 RP price tag understandable. The level of quality and distinct features this skin has to offer make it worth every penny – don’t miss out on the chance to have a piece of League’s legacy!

Why Should You Get IG Kai’Sa Skin

Invictus Gaming Kai’Sa Skin isn’t just a skin. It’s an homage to Invictus Gaming, one of the most renowned and victorious teams in League of Legends esports history. Plus, it celebrates JackeyLove’s impressive performance at the 2018 World Championship! Quality is essential with this skin as well; In addition to its new model and texture visuals, you’ll get unique animations and sounds that take your gaming experience with Kai’Sa up a notch. So whether you’re passionate about Kai’Sa or simply love ADC champions, IG Kaisa should be part of your game plan if you intend on ruling over Summoner’s Rift in grand style!

How to Get IG Kai’Sa Skin

Obtaining IG Kai’Sa Skin is a breeze. All you have to do is go the in-game store, locate the skin and click on it. Selecting “purchase” will follow afterwards. Remember that enough RP should be available for successful purchase – if not, easily buy more directly from the game’s shop or even better through prepaid RP cards!


To sum up, IG Kai’Sa is a magnificent skin that celebrates JackeyLove’s outstanding performance and vividly brings to life the Invictus Gaming Championship theme. From its new model, special effects and animations to audio design – all are carefully crafted making this skin stand out from the rest in-game. So whether you’re an avid fan of Invictus Gaming or just looking for some uncommonly impressive skins then IG Kaisa is definitely worth investing in! Don’t miss your chance today to own one yourself as a way of expressing admiration for this legendary team!

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