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KDA ALL OUT Ahri in detail:

This is a skin from the KDA set which is based on the virtual K-POP band known as KDA, so you could say that this skin, in particular, is a “celebrity” skin. Fans of K-POP will probably get the most enjoyment out of this skin, but even non-fans can still enjoy this.

The skin might be considered an oddball in the Ahri skin family, but for good reason. Aside from the Spirit Blossom Ahri, KDA ALL OUT Ahri is also one of the most unique out of the Ahri skin family simply due to its nature. Being a celebrity skin means that this is a collectible skin, therefore making it valuable to some fans.

KDA ALL OUT is a very colorful skin, and the creators did a great job implementing the cast from KDA into League of Legends because these skins are very creative and colorful.

Ahri looks great in stylish, sensual clothing. However, they aren’t enough to convert her become a vocalist, therefore K/DA Ahri is a skin that doesn’t communicate this properly. Overall, K/DA Ahri is a visually stunning skin that relies a little too much on the reflecting aspects, but there’s no doubting that it’s a show-stopper. If we recall that Ahri is a singer, we’ll see that the skin barely mentions it. In addition, contrary to popular belief, noises aren’t a strong suit. Despite its flaws, K/DA Ahri is a fantastic skin that would gratify anybody looking for a good-looking skin.

What are skins?

For those who are living under a rock, or are new to League Of Legends, skins change the appearance of a champion but do change the stats or abilities of a champion. It is important to understand this because new players often assume that skins will bring benefits to the champion however, that is simply not the case, since skins merely change the appearance of a champion and nothing more.

Every champion has more skins than others. some may only have a few available, while others will have several available. The number of skins varies depending on the champion. Each champion has at least 1 skin, so there isn’t a champion without one.


Chromas are special variants of skins, that usually come in different colors from the original skin. Most of these chromas can be purchased from chroma packs however, some can only be obtained through events. Event exclusive Chromas tend to be much rarer than one’s bought through chroma packs. Past event chromas can now only be obtained through the Hextech system, giving the player the ability to obtain previous event items, such as champions, skins, and chromas.

KDA ALL OUT Ahri chromas

This Ahri skin has 8 chromas in total. All of them are very good color choices, and all have very unique color pallets.

-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Ruby)
-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Rose Quartz)
-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Tanzanite)
-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Emerald)
-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Aquamarine)
-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Pearl)
-KDA ALL OUT Ahri (Amethyst)


This is a very interesting choice for a skin, and I applaud Riot Games for teaming up with K/DA for these amazing skins because they are certainly a one-of-a-kind treat for us League of Legends fans, and while this skin might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has still left an impact on Ahri as a champion.

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