KDA all out Akali


KDA all out Akali in detail

KDA all out Akali is part of the KDA skin-set which originated from the virtual K-POP group known as K/DA. This skin is still available in the shop and is sold for 1350 RP.

Because KDA all out Akali is part of the KDA skin set, it is very collectible just like the rest of the KDA skins. Since there aren’t a whole lot of ways to obtain RP in League of Legends, the only optimal way to obtain the skin is either with leftover RP or by purchasing more RP through microtransactions.

This skin has some interesting animations compared to the classic Akali. So if you main Akali consider purchasing KDA all out Akali, if you have the RP to do so.

K/DA AKali is dressed casually yet stylishly, with a hint of asymmetry for added style, making her appear like a street kunoichi with her weapons showing. They are fashioned of gold and have a utilitarian decoration, yet they are still weapons. While the casual aesthetic matches Akali’s agility, her look as a contemporary rendition of the Rogue Assassin sometimes feel a touch too boring. To properly express a new identity, the particles are too shy and the sounds are too dependent on Classic. Given how little
effects Akali’s talents utilize, new animations with dancing steps would have worked better. As it is, the skin has some unique qualities, but it also appears to be out of focus.
In general, the K/DA Akali Prestige Edition is a more flamboyant version of the same skin. The emphasis is obviously on an eye-catching style that is frequently flashy, as if desiring attention it worries it will not receive. There are a few things to admire, such as Perfect Execution’s graffiti and Twilight Shroud’s gold paint contrast. Regardless, K/DA Akali is responsible for the majority of the skin’s popularity. As a result, given how difficult it is to obtain the skin and how little it adds to the standard version, it does not appear to be a great alternative.

What are skins?

For those who are living under a rock, or are new to League Of Legends, skins change the appearance of a champion but do change the stats or abilities of a champion. It is important to understand this because new players often assume that skins will bring benefits to the champion however, that is simply not the case, since skins merely change the appearance of a champion and nothing more.

Every champion has more skins than others. some may only have a few available, while others will have several available. The number of skins varies depending on the champion. Each champion has at least 1 skin, so there isn’t a champion without one.


Chromas are special varriants of skins, that usually come in diffirent colors from the original skin. Most of these chromas can be purchased from chroma packs however, some can only be obtained through events. Event exclusive Chromas tend to be much more rare then one’s bought through chroma packs. Past event chromas can now only be obtained through the Hextech system, giving the player the ability to obtain previous event items, such as champions, skins, and chromas.

KDA all out Akali chromas

KDA all out Akali has some really sick chromas, my favorite would have to be the Baddest chroma because it lives up to its name which is just awesome.

Another thing is that KDA all out Akali’s chromas are all very amusing and colorful to look at, these beautiful colors are just astounding to the eye.

– (Ruby)
– (Catseye)
– (Emerald)
– (Saphire)
– (Tanzanite)
– (Rose quartz)
– (Pearl)


The KDA family of skins are all very colorful, and great to have in one’s collection, and KDA all out Akali is no exception, this sick skin is a great skin for people for main Akali.

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