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King Rammus is rightfully one of the rarest and oldest skins in League of Legends, it was released before the release of the game itself in general access. Just think how long it has been, given that League of Legends has already celebrated its tenth anniversary!

King Rammus skin came out after a closed beta test of the game, which lasted until 10/21/09, it was then that the first lucky ones got the legendary skin.

How to get King Rammus?

King Rammus skin code was presented by Riot to those players who were fortunate enough to take part in the closed beta test of the game, which began in April 2009. Only especially experienced gamers were invited, not everyone was awarded the coveted invitation. In the end, each account from this test received a skin that in the future will be known as one of the rarest and legendary skins in the history of the most popular MOBA game of all time!

This is its difference from other ultra-rare skins, because such skins were issued immediately to accounts, and did not come in the form of a code, which means that no one could ever sell such a skin from account to account for any money. Therefore, if you were not lucky enough to participate in the beta testing of League of Legends, the only way to get King Rammus is to buy an account that already has this skin.

The skin is a reference to the king from Super Mario, the skin is made in green, it does not have new animations and sounds, which is characteristic of the most legendary skins in the game, because they were one of the first and in those distant years new animations were not provided. The skin is carefully preserved by Riot, because this is one of the few opportunities to touch the history of the legendary game.

How much is King Rammus worth?

This skin has never been and will not be available in the official Riot store, as we said above, it was issued only to rare lucky ones back in 2009, therefore the only way to get this amazing skin is to buy an account on which it is already available. You can do this in our online store.


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