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League of Legends game mechanics you should know

League of Legends is a game with numerous main mechanics but just one. One mechanic, yes, you read that correctly. However, before you can grasp and execute this mechanism, you must first understand a few principles. Farming is the game’s main mechanic. Farming is the act of killing minions for gold and then utilizing the gold to purchase goods. Isn’t it simple? The major problem is figuring out how to Farm efficiently while stopping your opponent from doing the same. There are several essentials to grasp first in order to thrive at this. For the sake of this article, I’ll refer to them as essential League of Legends mechanics. Let’s get this party started.
Last Hitting
Ganking and Roaming
Wave control
Fast push
Slow push
Wrapping up

Let’s start our list of League of Legends game mechanics with a little trick. The first is fake recall to base. Stand tight to the bush and press return to base. At the very last moment of the joke, take a step of taste, for the enemy it is fully visible that you have gone to the base, although you remained on the line, so you can beat the enemy to crit. They are wary of the whale’s risky actions, for example: he will go on a low health wave, and you can kill him.

The next trick in our list of League of Legends game mechanics you should know: in the game settings, you can find a hotkey, selects only champions, usually it has been dead on a tilde key to the left of one, also in the game there is an option to make a function switchable, that is, the first press turns on the function, and the second turns it off. Enabling the function to attack only champions is useful when you give the enemy under your arm or fight in the midst of minions, by activating the function to attack only champions you are not afraid to accidentally click on a minion, in a bar or in a tower, simply because you cannot click on them, so you will always beat only champions.

In the modern league of legends, when you have no vision, use the move and attack command, so you will instantly attack the enemy who is in this bush. Your champion only attacks faster than you can right-click on it.

Did you know that the bone breaker activator will pierce the ice build-up rune – not the most obvious interaction, you must agree. But it allows melee units to get some, but still, slowing down the enemy from a distance. It will be extremely difficult to break away from the voliber with such a combination of runes and items, or say from the garon.

The next feature in our list of League of Legends game mechanics is the overview, the date in the upper pixel bush on the river. No matter how you put it in this bush, no matter how intact the very edge of the bush, its overview can be bypassed along the edge, look. Therefore, if you need an overview in this part of the map, then it is better to put taste not in the Orkni, but just above it.

And I watched this trick on the stream from pink ward, he loves trolling on psh, on solo lines on double june, this is when you use a stopwatch, and after it zurek, thereby staying in the capital for five whole seconds, and after leaving 2 do not use the kitchen or ult and continue trolling opponents. Expensive, of course, but how effective.
By the way, you noticed that the mark of a cain on the wall, where he can potentially get out of it, appears only if there is one of the opponents from the opposite side of the wall, so you yourself can understand when from the opposite side you are waiting an ambush of enemies and you need to be careful.

Now let’s move forward in League of Legends game mechanics and talk about the interaction of various mechanics, different champions. The weapon of the Ophelia Severum, like the Ulta Lux in Hansen, is not blocked by the wall, the Assassin of the Samira and the Shield of Braum, well, you never know, all of a sudden you did not know. But the interaction between zion and hay, I have already seen on the broadcasts of the lek. Seno uses his bind on the aceon minions, then pushes the minion towards the enemy, thereby delivering the bind where it needs to be. Recalass mix, showed real class. I think guys you can flash it repeat and unpleasantly surprise opponents. By the way, the same trick also works with the delivery of the fox, which was used by the young minion from the delivery of flour, and so on.
Advice to all camouflaged champions: the signal that you are being seen is issued even if you yourself cannot see the enemy, so by the presence of the signal you can understand that there is someone in the bushes next to you.

Moving on to the champion chips. If, during the animation, I have Diana make a jump to the side at an angle of 90 degrees, the hanging current for some reason flies much further, I don’t know why you need this information, but let it be. If twitch, while preparing to go into camouflage, manages to press the button to return to base, then it will continue to float in invisibility. By the way, this same feature works with evelyn as well. Use if you need safe recall to base. A fiora trick that not everyone knows about. More precisely, everyone knows, but not everyone uses it. You can use w during a dash from a kumen, in such a way as to deliberately pass through some kind of enemy control, for example, through a kilten trap, or through a velgar wall, and thus you will not only reduce the distance, but also immediately give out hard at the enemy the control.

Did you know that 2 dash of a Kled allows him to dash through a thin wall to an opponent? I think the menies of the Kled are in the know, but for those who rarely meet this champion, this information will be useful. Remember in the last issue there was a advice not to download the ulta of the wake at the sixth level until the moment of its direct use? So, here the miners of the clid turned on, they also do not swing w at the third level until the very moment when they start a one-on-one battle with their opponent – this allows them to always have an activated w at the beginning of the duel on the lane.

Our advice: “If you take a step with a barrage of blades, give one auto attack to the enemy and ult, then your clone will receive your attack speed under the barrage of blades until the end of the ultimate, thereby significantly increasing its damage seconds.”

Another advise: “you can stack a passive during the flight of the charge from the keumen to the target. Thus, you can unpleasantly surprise an opponent who does not expect to be stunned from an anya with an unstacked passive”
Did you know that all of Eliza’s spiders jump to the target when she panics? I have the shape of a spider. Even a large sw-shaped spider jumps, you don’t even need to aim. These things should provide you with better League of Legends game mechanics understanding.

And one more feature with an unpumped ult, this time a Shivana’s ult. At the sixth level, do not rush to swing the ultimate. Pumping the ult immediately gives you a full charge of rage, and while the ult is not pumped in, for enemies you look like a shyvan without rage – that is, you do not need to be afraid, you cannot ult, you have no rage. If the enemy is substituted, we pump the ult instantly, we get a full bar of rage and an ultim. Ultimate from Angle can replace the enemy with minus armor. Let’s show with the example of malfit: we take malfit with earth trembling spool by purchasing for armor, we get 898 armor without stone armor and gargoyles and 1183 armor under the use of earth yeast. minus armor and increased damage goes through it. Shame, sejuani himself and other tanks with temporary armor buffs also work.

It was our League of Legends game mechanics overview, thanks for the attention!!

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