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League of Legends Jungle Guide 2022 Complete Review

16 Tips:

League of Legends has always been an intricate game, with many different champions, roles, abilities to choose from. The jungler position has remained a crucial role in the well being of the team. With powerful ganks, and laning support the jungler can be a flexible role that assists the other lanes to victory. While the jungler is a vital role in the composition of the team, it can be the forefront of losing and can take the brunt of the blame. A jungler may be faulted with not ganking enough or taxing the minions too hard. While everyone aspires to be the greatest jungler they can be to assure victory, it does not come without practice and determination. Here are some tips that will enable you to play better as a jungler in your upcoming matches.

Jungle Camps
Knowing your jungle camps is crucial as it will be your main farming source for a large portion of the game. Knowing the buffs each camp gives is also important as it will enable you to better position yourself during ganks and will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses better. Here is a quick rundown of the jungle camps

Blue Sentinel – The Blue Sentinel grants the blue buff when killed you will gain a buff that will increase mana or energy regeneration for a short period.

Red Brambleback – The Red Brambleback grants the red buff when killed you gain a slow and damage over time effect on auto-attacks. You also are granted a small heal over a certain amount of time when you are not in combat.

Wolves – The Wolves give you gold and experience.

Raptors – The Raptors are a group of four small minions that give you gold and experience.

Krugs – The Krugs are rock creatures that also give you gold and experience. Once killed the krugs will split into two smaller versions of themselves.

Gromp – The Gromp is a giant toad that gives you gold and experience. After attacking for a while the Gromp loses its attack speed.

Rift Scuttler – The Rift Scuttler lies on both sides of the river, they wander back and forth in a predictable motion and do not attack back. They are easy to kill and give gold and experience. When killed the scuttle also allows a certain area of the map to be seen and gives a speed boost when walked into.

Dragon – Each dragon has its buff, they grant gold, experience, and a buff depending on what dragon it is. Dragon is very important as certain dragons can grant you a buff that may change the tide of the game.

Rift Herald – The Rift Herald spawns where Baron Nashor spawns before 20 minutes. It drops the Eye of the Herald which enables the player to summon the Rift Herald to push a lane. The Rift Herald does massive amounts of damage to structures like towers.

Baron Nashor – Baron Nashor is one of the strongest monsters in the game, and also gives one of the strongest buffs in the game. It increases the attack and ability damage to the entire team. Usually, a single person is unable to take Baron by themselves. This is an important priority depending on the stage of the game.

Learning Routes
Each jungler has its route, and some players may have their routes implemented depending on who they’re playing with. Choosing a jungle route is important to succeed in the early game. This will allow you to coordinate ganks in the early game much more efficiently as you aren’t frantically running around the jungle with no purpose just fighting camps. Usually, on the Blue team, you will start at Red Buff and on the Red team, Blue Buff. This is contingent on the champion though, and some players may vary. If you want to get a better understanding of jungler routes, look for pro players and try to mimic their pathing.

Many new players neglect the fact that wards and vision are available in the game. Having wards in important bushes and important areas will help your team succeed. Having the location of enemies and just vision, in general, will enable your team to make better decisions about position. Out positioning the enemy to get an easy kill can change the pace of the game and will help you win.

Ganking is one of the most important factors when playing the jungle position. It is what defines you as a jungler. If your teammates are calling for a gank but you believe it’s not in your best interest, do what you believe is the correct choice. Remember ganking can be a double-edged sword, you can be out ganked and may end up vulnerable to the enemies attacks. Don’t just gank if your teammates call for one, remember to follow your intuition.

This is an obvious tip but very important, having your smite ready and smiting at the correct moments will help you get a better understanding of timing. By timing the smite efficiently, it will lessen the chance of your camps being stolen. Furthermore, if you can time smite correctly, you will be able to steal more of your opponent’s camps and important objectives like dragon and Baron.

Map Awareness
This is a general tip for all League players but junglers especially should constantly glance at their map when moving through the jungle. This will enable you to out position enemies and call out enemies if they approach too close to the lanes. This will aid your team as a whole if you can react to the enemies before they take advantage of you.

Many new players get counter-jungled by the enemy jungler and lose out on their camps. By learning to track the enemy jungler and the whereabouts you can prevent getting counter-jungled and you can counter-jungle yourself. This will enable you to gain the element of surprise when ganking as the enemy jungler will be unaware of your whereabouts while you know their location.

Kiting is a skill that every League player should possess, kiting is just moving away from a camp while attacking to reduce damage taken and can speed up the process of moving from camp to camp.

Being Flexible
Being Flexible is important as a jungler. You will be unable to change the decisions of your teammates, but you can influence your own decisions. Being adaptive and flexible will allow you to mesh with your teammates better. By playing not only as an individual but as a team, you will greatly increase your chances of meshing well and winning. Be flexible, and adapt to the opponent and your teammates.

As a jungler you’re going to have to communicate with your teammates, pinging, or even messaging your teammates when you’re going to gank will enable them to get an idea of the timing. Communication in a competitive game is very important as it will help you coordinate better with your team.

Keeping Track of Timers
As a jungler you should keep track of the timers of objectives such as dragon and baron as those are important objectives you don’t want the enemies to get their hands on. Keeping track of summoners spells is also important, if you know the opposite team doesn’t have flash or teleport you may be able to coordinate a team fight with your teammates and steal an objective or two.

TaxingKnowing when and when not to tax the lane is important. This will enable your lakers to gain the most advantage against their opponent. Taxing when you’re not supposed to usually angers your teammates so it is best not to do so.

Picking a Champion that fits you
Choosing a champion that you like and fits your playstyle is important to improve. Of course, you want a good champion pool to be flexible, but having certain champions that you like will help you increase your skill in that champion. Sometimes choosing a champion that you are good at, and fits you is better than choosing one that perfectly synergizes with the team. As much as League is a team game, the jungle is also an individual game.

Know your Role
Knowing your role is important if you’re the bruiser or tank of the team. You should be playing that role. You shouldn’t be letting your ADC take the brunt of the damage you should. This is also true if you’re the carry of the team. If you’re a high damage jungler you should be the one getting the kills and dealing the damage. While this is an obvious tip, knowing your role is sometimes overlooked.

Choosing your jungle item
Choosing the correct jungle item is important depending on your role if you want specifics on which jungle item to take, look for a guide, or ask your teammates if you’re new.

Invading is sometimes used in high-level matches to quickly disrupt the other team. Learning how to invade is important once you play against high caliber players. This technique can also be used to catch your opponents off guard as they won’t expect you to invade most of the time.

Numerous people are annoying to answer the question, “Which character in an LoL game is the greatest significant?” Most people would say ADCs, while others will say support; but, if you ask us, we’ll tell you that the jungle is by far the most crucial player in the game. So, here’s our League of Legends jungle guide for you. However, each role is important in its way, which is why we have wonderful guides like the ADC guide, but let’s get back to juggling for now. Because of its importance, jungling is a particularly difficult task to perfect. You’ll need to be on your toes at all times, have excellent communication skills, and have a thorough understanding of the game.

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