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Everything You Need to Know about Legacy Vault

Hello there, fellow gamers! If you’re a League of Legends enthusiast like me, then you’ve probably heard about the elusive Legacy Vault, a treasure trove of rare and exclusive skins that have become the stuff of legends. Today, we’re diving deep into the mysteries of the Legacy Vault to uncover all its hidden secrets. So, let’s buckle up and embark on this exciting journey to discover the Types of Legacy Skins and learn When the Legacy Vault might open in 2023!

What is Legacy Vault

Well, the Legacy Vault is like a treasure trove of exclusive cosmetic content that can only be found in the League of Legends Store during special events. It’s where all the retired skins and seasonal goodies hang out, waiting to be unleashed upon the world once more!

Picture this: since its grand opening on 25th November 2011, the Legacy Vault has been home to loads of awesome stuff. But hey, here’s a fun fact—only one skin, the legendary Championship Riven, got the honor of being a Limited Edition release. Everything else that found its way into this enchanted vault has been labeled as Legacy. But wait, not everything is fair game in the Legacy Vault—some items, like the prestigious Victorious Skins, stay exempt from its grasp.

What are Legacy skins

Alright, listen up summoners, ’cause we’re about to unravel the mystery behind these elusive Legacy skins! With a jaw-dropping number of 1,549 unique skins in League of Legends as of 2023, Riot Games keeps the skin game strong! But not all skins play hard to get. The Legacy skins are the real stars here—they’re the ones that had their shining moment in the spotlight but later went into hiding in the Legacy Vault.

These little rascals appear during specific times of the year—think epic holidays and colossal events. But don’t fret, brave souls, there’s hope for you to get your hands on these beauties! You might find Legacy skins through Mystery Gifting or Hextech crafting, and sometimes during spectacular sales that happen during special events. Harrowing, Snowdown, Heartseeker—these are just a few examples of Legacy skin themes that pop up from time to time!

How To Get Legacy Skins

I know what you’re thinking—how do I get these rare gems? As of now, there are over 322 Legacy skins lurking in the corners of the League of Legends realm (and that’s not even counting the retired ones!). Once these elusive skins find their way into the Legacy Vault, they’re not that easy to unlock.

Ah, but don’t despair! Hextech Crafting and Mystery Skin Gifts come to your rescue. These magical means of acquisition might grant you access to some of these coveted skins. And hey, if you’re super lucky, you might stumble upon them during special events when they’re either sold individually or bundled up for your gaming delight!

Legacy items (except those pesky champion skins priced below 520 RP) can be yours all year round through the following methods:

  • Loot from Hextech and Mastery Chests: Tap into your luck and hope these chests hold a special surprise for you!
  • Random content from rerolling cosmetic goodies: Trade in some of your extras for a chance at greatness!
  • Mystery content from Mystery Gifts: Embrace the mystery and let the surprises come to you!

But heed my words, dear warriors, Hextech Crafting may play a little trick on you—it randomly selects the skins you unlock, so you might need a dash of luck to snag your dream Legacy skin!

How Much is a Skin Worth in the Legacy Vault

When the Legacy Vault first swung open its gates, most skins were priced at a mere 190 RP. And if you thought that was a bargain, get this—some skins like Angler Jax went for just 355 RP! But wait, there’s more! Riot Games, in all their gaming wisdom, decided to bless us with a 50% discount on these skins. That means, at their cheapest, they were either 177 RP or a jaw-dropping 95 RP. Imagine snagging a Legacy skin for only 95 RP—what a steal!

You might be scratching your heads, wondering why these skins come with such a low price tag. Well, gather ’round, and I’ll spill the secret. Riot Games knows how badly we all crave these awesome skins, even though they’re no longer available for purchase. So, they’ve given us the Legacy Vault as a gaming gift, and those low prices are their way of saying, “Hey, we got you covered! Now everyone can enjoy a piece of the skin pie!” It’s all about the limited availability, folks!

Types of Legacy Skins


In the vast world of League of Legends, you’ll come across a plethora of Legacy skins. These skins hold a special place in the game, and each type has its own unique charm. Let’s dive into the different categories of Legacy skins and explore their themes and numbers.

World Championship Skins

When it comes to commemorating the winners of the League of Legends World Championship, the game introduces special cosmetics called LoL Worlds Skins. These skins are not just simple tie-ins; they are meticulously crafted to represent the winning team and their journey. In fact, the revenue generated from these skins goes directly to the victorious team, making it a way for fans to show their support and celebrate their triumph. With 51 World Championship skins available, you can find notable themes like Fnatic, paying homage to the first Season Winner.

Championship Skins

Every year during the League of Legends World Championship, a new set of Championship skins is released. These skins, totaling 14 in number, hold a special place in the hearts of players. During the World Championship period, typically from September to November, these skins are available for purchase in the in-game store. However, once the tournament ends, the skins are removed from the store and become Legacy skins. This exclusivity adds rarity and popularity to certain Championship skins, such as the iconic Championship Riven. The themes shared among these skins are Championship, Challenger, and Conqueror, reflecting the competitive spirit of the game.

Harrowing Skins

The Harrowing is a chilling event that takes place in the world of Valoran, coinciding with Halloween festivities. It brings temporary cosmetic changes, Limited Edition skins, and spooky runes to the game. The event, which occurs from October 18 to October 31, features 31 Harrowing skins. Among them, you’ll find captivating themes like Bewitching and Zombie, including skins like Zombie Slayer Pantheon and Zombie Slayer Jinx. These skins add a touch of eerie delight to your champion’s appearance.

Lunar Revel Skins

The Lunar New Year is a vibrant celebration observed in East Asian cultures, such as Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures. League of Legends embraces this festivity with the release of Lunar Revel skins. Each year, new champion skins are introduced to commemorate this joyous occasion. With 14 Lunar Revel skins in the game, you’ll encounter impressive themes like Warring Kingdoms and Lunar Gods, reflecting the zodiac animal of the corresponding year. These skins add a dash of cultural flair to your champions.

Snowdown Showdown Skins

When winter arrives and the holiday spirit fills the air, the Snowdown Showdown event takes center stage in League of Legends. This event, running from late November to early January, brings forth Snowdown champion skins, capturing the essence of winter festivities. Originally, these skins were limited edition releases, but as the League of Legends community grew, they were reclassified as Legacy skins in December 2013. With 41 Snowdown Showdown skins available, the most notable themes are Santa and Snow Day, spreading holiday cheer on the Rift.

Valentine’s Day Skins

Love is in the air, and League of Legends celebrates Valentine’s Day with special champion skins. Since 2012, Riot Games has released new Valentine’s Day skins to mark this romantic occasion. While these skins initially joined the permanent store inventory, they have now become Legacy skins (excluding the Debonair skins). With 13 Valentine’s Day skins available, you’ll encounter themes like Sweetheart and Heartseeker, adding a touch of love to the Summoner’s Rift.

Retired Legacy Skins

Some skins are classified as retired Legacy skins and are no longer obtainable during events. Examples of retired Legacy Skins include Queen Ashe, Longhorn Alistar, Infernal Akali, Hextech Janna, Imperial Lux, Exiled Morgana, Butcher Urgot, and Feral Warwick.

When Will the Legacy Vault Open in 2023?

The Legacy Vault, the place where rare and coveted Legacy skins reside, has remained closed for quite some time. Unfortunately, Riot Games has not provided any specific information regarding when it will open in 2023. This lack of clarity has left players wondering if the Vault will ever open again. As gamers, we understand the frustration this brings, as it doesn’t satisfy the desires of all players.

While some players may have the fortune of acquiring their favorite Legacy skin on their first attempt, others may spend years longing for a chance to obtain them. However, there is still hope that some Legacy skins may make a comeback during special events, such as the World Cup.