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LoL Best Top Laners Tier List

The Top Lane has been a solo lane for most of its life. It has been a place where usually tanks, bruisers, and heavy damagers have gone. League of Legends has changed a lot over time, and so have the champions. Changes to the meta change in which champions are played the most, as many players find certain abilities and aspects that may give them an edge in the game. Here is a list for some of the best Top Laners in a current patch!


Darius has been a powerhouse ever since his release (and one of the LoL Best Top Laners), with many nerfs and changes made to stop this beast of a champion. With high damage and relatively good defense, Darius is fun yet still a great champion to win with.

Darius’s passive ability is Hemorrhage which causes his attacks and abilities to cause enemies to bleed for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. This inflicts physical damage on the enemies. This ability is what makes Darius annoying at times, even when he is not hitting you he is still dealing damage to you, pressuring you in the lane. Hemorrhage is a great skill that plays a role in his ultimate attack.

His Q ability is Decimate, Darius swings his axe in a circular area. Those who are hit by the blade take more damage than those who are hit by the handle. Darius also gets a heal depending on the enemy champions hit by the blade of his axe. This is his main damaging skill, it does a lot of damage and in conjunction with his passive and heal, it sets Darius apart from other champions. The survivability and damage output of his skill is great for how simplistic the ability is.

His W ability is Crippling Strike, his next ability does bonus physical damage and applies a slow to the enemy. This attack is an unstoppable basic attack. This attack is great for slowing enemies and attacking them further. Also, this attack resets Darius’s basic attack allowing him to quickly use his W right after a basic attack.

His E ability is Apprehend, which gives Darius armor penetration. Also, his E ability pulls in the enemies that are in front of him. This applies a slowing effect as well. This is a great ability with his W and Q ability. It pressures the opponent as they are now close to Darius, enabling him to auto-attack and W. If they try to run away Darius can also Q and deal extra damage with the blade of his Axe. The armor penetration is also a plus as it helps Darius slay tanks easily.

Darius’s ultimate ability is Noxian Guillotine, Darius executes his enemy with his axe causing true damage depending on the number of stacks he has with his passive. If the enemy dies within 0.15 seconds after being hit with the attack, minions and monsters will flee for three seconds. He is also able to reuse Noxian Guillotine at no cost for the next 20 seconds. This ability is the bread and butter of Darius, it can easily execute low health enemies, and with stacks of his passive, this ability will do an immense amount of damage to the target. Darius can also repeatedly use his ultimate against multiple enemies if he continues to kill them with his ultimate. LoL Best Top Laners list should 100% include Darius.


Many see Garen as the opposite of Darius, a good Demacian soldier that brings justice to his people. Garen is a great top laner due to his innate ability to quickly regenerate his health. This health regen makes Garen a tough opponent to face as he is not difficult to play, and is difficult to kill.

Garen’s passive ability is Perseverance, when he has not been recently taken damage he will start to regenerate a percentage of his health every second. Since this is a percentage of health and not a number makes Garen extremely good in the health department. Garen can go out of combat for a small amount of time and already regenerate most of his health allowing him to attack once again. This would allow Garen to relane easily, causing a disturbance for his enemies.

His Q ability is Decisive Strike, he gains movement speed and his next attack will do a strike dealing bonus damage and silencing the enemy. This is a great ability to free Garen of slows because once he uses his Q he is free of the slows. Furthermore, this ability enables Garen to chase down his enemies which makes him more efficient in eliminating his enemies.

His W ability is Courage, overtime Garen will gain armor and magic resistance by killing the opponents. This further helps Garen with his tankiness aspect. The active portion of his W ability gives him a shield for a short moment which lessens the amount of damage taken for a short period. He also gains Tenacity when he activates his W.

His E ability is Judgement, Garen becomes “ghosted” and spins his sword around himself. He deals physical damage over a few seconds. If enemies have been hit 6 times their armor is reduced by 25 percent for 6 seconds. This is a useful ability to depreciate the armor of the opponent, allowing him to do more damage.

Garen’s ultimate ability is Demacian Justice, he calls the “might of Demacia” an enemy. This ability deals true damage. This ability is great as it can be used as an execute ability, true damage allows Garen to deal massive amounts of damage without him buying high damaging items. With great innate tankiness, regeneration, and high amounts of damage with his ultimate ability, Garen stands as a great top laner. So, if we’re talking about LoL Best Top Laners, you can’t keep Garen out of this conversation, that’s for sure!


Darius, Garen, and Yasuo are LoL Best Top Laners and some of the strongest top laners in the meta currently. They have been powerhouses for a long period and are great champions to win in the top lane. While Garen and Darius are not as difficult as Yasuo, all three champions are great to learn and are satisfying to play and win with.

Nothing epitomizes the top lane in League of Legends quite like two hulking bruisers battling toe-to-toe in a gruelinglining phase. Because you’re likely to be alone in the top lane, the ability to outplay and outlast your opponent is what differentiates experienced top liners from newcomers. Those looking to make a name for them in the top lane should amass money safely, search for opportunities to deal high trade damage, and play around janglers to set up or avoid ranks. It’s a delicate balancing act of directing your efforts both into your lane and keeping an eye on everything else going on around you.

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