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Lunar Beast Annie is a skin that is a tribute towards the Chinese new year. The event went live on Febuary 4th, 2021. It is still unkown as to when the event will be over with. Annie’s well-known gimic is her bear Tibbers. Each skin changes up her Tibberse’s apperance, and each of them are different from one another.

The Lunar Beast event will be quite massive in terms of relevance. Each Lunar Beast skin will get the typical chromas available to most skins. The Luner Beast event will include skins like: Annie, Alistar, Darius, Jarvan 4, and Fiora, and many more. All of these skin will be obtainable through this event, so now is the best time to obtain them, before the event is over with.

Lunar Beast Annie in detail

All of Annie’s skin are very unique from one another, and Lunar Beast is no exception. With its orange-ish color and beast-like horns, it has the appearance of a literal beast.

Lunar Beast Annie’s appearance is based on Chinese-culture, and thus the name “lunar” to celebrate the lunar new year. It is a very artistically crafted skin with many appealing features. Tibbers her bear, now looks more like a beast, making it quite more intimidating.

Is Lunar Beast Annie worth it?

Considering this is an event-only skin, and is limited, the answer is obviously yes. Legacy skins are highly collectible, and valued among players; so it is in your best interest to purchase event-only skins, before they go off-sale, as this is the most straight-forward way to get it.

Not only that but if your a fan of Annie, then this is an excellent excuse to purchase Lunar Beast Annie. If you main Annie then this is a great opportunity to snatch this skin for her, even if you aren’t particularly interested in it.


Overall Lunar Beast Annie is a really great skin in terms of design, artistic appeal, and everything else about it. The lunar event in general has a lot of really well-designed skins, and for that reason alone, I’d say all of the Lunar Beast skins are highly worth it.

Lunar Beast Annie by no means is a masterpiece skin, but it shares qualities that make a skin excellent, and for that reason, this skin is really good!

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