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Riot Games is now hosting a Chinese New Year event that started on February 2nd, 2021. The event consists of new skins, emotes, and more. The skin series is called the “Lunar Beast skins” and consists of 6 skins, and 1 prestige edition being the “Lunar Beast Fiora”. At this time, it is unknown as to when the event will be over, so now is the best time to grab-up these skins before they retire. Lunar Beast Aphellios is an interesting choice in particular because Aphellios was lacking in skin variety. Although this can be justified by the fact that he’s fairly new in the game, skins are a great way to increase the popularity of a skin and keep it relevant, but Aphellios is an exception because he is a very competitively viable champion at this time, therefore skins aren’t necessary to keep him relevant. Still, though cosmetics are a fun feature to have in League of Legends, so it wouldn’t hurt to give him some skins


Lunar Beast Aphellios in detail

It is a great addition to Aphellios’s lacking skin selection. Lunar Beast Aphellios resembles the aesthetic of, you guessed it, a beast. With his shiny blue hair and his awesome-looking horns, he sure stands out from the other skins Aphellios has.

Lunar Beast Aphellio’s design aesthetic is based on the Chinese New Year. This is a reasonable explanation to his horns because it resembles a beast-like character. It has a really interesting gun, it has a sort of futuristic vibe to it, making it much more colorful, and vibrant. His chromas are also no stranger to greatness, featuring some really well-designed variations, and color choices.


Is Lunar Beast Aphellios worth it?

Aphellios in general does not have a whole lot of skins, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain Lunar Beast Aphellios. Also, Lunar Beast Aphellios is an event-only skin, so it should be a great excuse to buy this limited skin. The skin is sold for 1350 RP in the store, so buy it while you still can.

Players who main Aphellios will most likely purchase this skin as well because as it stands Aphellios is a busted character in the competitive scene and esports scene of League of Legends. This factor alone puts Aphellios in high-demand, therefore this skin will most likely see a lot of use.

With the Lunar Beast event, this skin was released as a Legacy skin. Because of the stronger hues that correspond to the Lunar Beast skin motif, it reveals a distinct aspect of Aphelios. It can be seen wearing vibrant tones of red, as well as orange, yellow, and blue, on occasion. Alune, with a pink spectral aura and dazzling yellow horns on each side of her head that match Aphelios’, naturally joins the champion. As previously stated, the weapons of Aphelios Lunar beast skin have a color palette that includes the classic mix of yellow, orange, and red.


Aphellios as a champion, was in dire need of more skins because before the Lunar Beast event was active, he only had a measly one skin at the time, thankfully it has now risen to two skins instead of one. We can now become a bit more optimistic about the future of Aphellios, and his skins.

Lunar Beast Aphellios is a very well crafted, and designed skin, and I think this was the perfect opportunity for another Aphellios skin, considering he doesn’t have a whole lot of skins to choose from.

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