Major drawbacks of League of Legends

Hello everyone! Today we will tell you about some of the shortcomings of one of the most popular online games – League of Legends. There are many disadvantages, so the overwhelming majority say, but nevertheless they continue to play this game and so let’s figure out what all the same things are and we will probably start with the shortcomings:

1. Well, the first of the few major drawbacks of League of Legends is of course an imbalance. Although the developers are constantly releasing some updates and patches, the game still remains very unbalanced and this can be judged even by the presence of, so to speak, mediocre heroes. Yes, of course, I agree that you can drag on any hero, if you know how to play, but still there is a whole order of heroes in the game that are standard and initial, and with all this, they are much weaker than the more imposing heroes that are in the current meta and so here’s the first nuance and this is really a nuance because there are real mobs where all the heroes are equal

2. Developers are doing the wrong thing; they want to balance by sifting out. The only thing they do is they constantly monitor the international arena and observe the choice of heroes. For example, they notice that Uranus has become a very popular tank, they stupidly take it and worsen it and everyone forgets about it. Then they see how relevant Kled becomes, they stupidly take and
worsen it and so on. Players forget about the hero and this very hero goes into oblivion and no one remembers him anymore. Only a good improvement from the developers can bring the hero back to popularity.

Failure is rewarded by Riot. They only pay attention to those who are causing the toxins. Not those who despise their lacklustre performance. Players purposefully play badly in order to make someone in their squad lose their cool in the aim of getting them banned as a fun alternative. Riot only used to punish persons who have lost their cool. Not the ones who cause them to lose their cool. Riot does not penalize inexperienced players. Riot is known for enforcing good conduct while also breaking it, which is hypocritical. (See the sexual harassment case they handled twice in a year)

Although in general I agree that balancing is very difficult, which is why the meta exists and it gradually changes with each update.

3. The third of the major drawbacks of League of Legends is bugs. Server breakdown and high ping – to be honest, I rarely encounter bad ping, and in general, with server breakdowns only for some specific case when there is some update coming out or in fact they have something broken there, that is, 90 percent cases I play with a ping of 5-10 and my game never freezes even at high graphics settings and even when there is a real mix of five to five. But judging by the reviews from the players from our community, then many players have a terrible lag in the game and the ping of seventy-eighty is the standard, so I can only recommend you a good internet connection and wi-fi

4. The next drawback is this system of fines and punishments, but it is here only for the developers to say “but we have a system of fines and punishments”, but in fact it does not exist as such and it works altogether incorrectly this game sometimes punishes you absolutely nothing. It’s just that you run quietly, play died three times, you receive notifications that you allegedly fidil and you have minus 10 points and those who really ruin
games, behave badly, insult everyone and 67 people throw a report at him at the end of the game, you eventually receive a letter in the mail that he was warned.

These were the major drawbacks of League of Legends, but we still love and play this game all the time! Thank you for your attention and have a nice day 🙂

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