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Marauder Alistar

Marauder Alistar in detail

Marauder Alistar is a pretty old skin at this point in time. This skin was released in 2015 making it 5 years old. Surprisingly after all of those years, it is still available in the store for 750RP.

Getting RP reliably for free is a bit of a chore, therefore the only reliable method to obtaining the Marauder Alistar is to either have leftover RP or to purchase more through microtransactions.

Marauder Alistar is pretty inexpensive and very easy to obtain, making it not-so-rare. Still, though, you should keep an eye on this skin and snatch it as soon as your able to, because this skin could easily go off-sale on any given day.
As a massive minotaur, Marauder Alistar’s armour adds to his intimidating aspect. The arms have little shields on the vambraces, and the helmet covers his horns completely. Alistar, without a doubt, becomes impenetrable and a force to be reckoned with. Marauder Alistar is a beautiful skin overall, with an intimidating armour style that complements his enormous strength. It’s a shame the skin is so obviously uneven, with a back that appears to be painted on a single plane. As a result, depending on how you look at him, Marauder Alistar may both impress and disappoint.

What are skins?

For those who are living under a rock, or are new to League Of Legends, skins change the appearance of a champion but do change the stats or abilities of a champion. It is important to understand this because new players often assume that skins will bring benefits to the champion however, that is simply not the case, since skins merely change the appearance of a champion and nothing more.

Every champion has more skins than others. some may only have a few available, while others will have several available. The number of skins varies depending on the champion. Each champion has at least 1 skin, so there isn’t a champion without one.


Chromas are special varriants of skins, that usually come in diffirent colors from the original skin. Most of these chromas can be purchased from chroma packs however, some can only be obtained through events. Event exclusive Chromas tend to be much more rare then one’s bought through chroma packs. Past event chromas can now only be obtained through the Hextech system, giving the player the ability to obtain previous event items, such as champions, skins, and chromas.


Marauder Alistar is a very underrated skin among the Alistar skin family, because of its age it has kinda just been in the store, and not much has been said about it since. The skin overall is very dark, and has a cynical theme to it; if you are interested in trying this skin out, please check out the Public Beta Environment server to test it out. This way you can see if the skin is worth your money or not.

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