Master Chef Tahm Kench

Rarity: Regular

Price: 975 Riot Points

Release Date: July 08, 2015

Concept: Tahm Kench as a Chef

Model: New models and textures

Particles: All new particles on his (E) and (R)!

Animations: New recall animation! With the addition of some cutlery on his angry idle, angry run and his mocking animation!

Sounds: New Sound Effect Kits

Is it possible to buy Master Chef Tahm Kench in the game? Yes!

“He is a sushi singer, a chatty pescatarian, a big catfish with a big fish dish. He will cook you a meal, and then make a deal. And here’s Taaaaaahm Kench!”
Master Chef Tahm Kench, in principle, is a new model with a variety of additions. Unfortunately, each alteration isn’t as important as it could be, and they don’t complement one another to further the subject. Finally, Master Chef Tahm Kench is a straightforward skin that applies a suitable theme to a familiar basis. The modifications are minor, and the theme is never fully merged into the champion. The new tools are the sole highlight, but the skin doesn’t do enough to bring the culinary concept to life. This makes it a serviceable substitute, but not particularly thrilling to add to the toad.

How to get Master Chef Tahm Kench in 2022?

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