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Nightbringer Yasuo

Category: Legendary skin
Price: 1820 RP
Animations: Upgraded and enhanced animations for every skill movement.
Sounds: Immersive re-designed sounds for abilities

Introduction: The skin is based on the dark side of the riot going between Yasuo and Riven. The skin does not only have the graphics signifying evil-side but also some pretty decent and enhanced abilities that can give your champion increased strength and a hard time for your enemies. The champion gets increased strength, really powerful attacking animations and some pretty decent upgrades in terms of special abilities to make the experience more interactive for you.

Animations and Sounds: The skin is focused on the performance abilities for the character upgrade does not lag on animations or sounds at any end and you get a pretty good improvement in terms of upgraded animations for every existing skills along with some brand new skills that you can use against your enemies. Sounds have also been updated and you get an immersive sound experience with re-designed sounds that are pretty impressive matching the character abilities perfectly. New sound effects have been added along with deep Voice Overs to match the overall character image.

Pros: The skin gets everything you can ask for and is a whole character upgrade in every possible way you can think. From character strength and abilities to defenses, movements, animations and sound effects. Everything syncs up perfectly to create a flawless smooth experience you can expect out of the dark side of Nightbringer Yasuo. It is a complete package that is worth missing and you should consider giving a try as it is available to purchase in-game store for a reasonable sum of Points.
The skin covers everything for your champion and if you prefer an aggressive gaming style focused on devastation and destruction. This is the skin you should consider to get the best out of your League of Legends experience.
Cons: The cons of this skin are rare and it can just feel a bit lagging sometimes. Otherwise, the skin is a perfect upgrade in each aspect.

He was fated from the very beginning to clash with the dawnbringer and for that reason alone was given the title of the nightbringer. He festers the planets with chaos up to the point where those planets are squeaking in agony and waiting for their misery to end and if dawnbringer never reaches them to rescue then it is highly unlikely for them to hold out the terror and pain that nightbringer Yasuo has in store for them.

How to Get Nightbringer Yasuo in 2022?
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Nightbringer Yasuo will be worthy if there are certain qualities in it that you need to lead in the battle. There are certain abilities of Nightbringer Yasuo mentioned below:
Steel tempest is the major ability of the Nightbringer Yasuo in which it damages the enemies in a row with a thrust of his power for maximum magical damage.
After wind wall and sweeping blade effect the enemies. Wind wall stops the attack of the enemies for four seconds and sweeping bade physically damage the all the surrounding enemies in a swipe.
Way of wanderer activates the shield when Nightbringer Yasuo is moving it protection.

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