Odyssey Sona

Rarity: Epic

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Release Date: September 12, 2018.

Concept: Sona dressed up in the Odyssey theme.

Model: New model, textures and animation!

Particles: New particles for all skills and animations!

Animations: New animated particles for each skill!

Sounds: New sound effects from Theby Odyssey!

Is it possible to buy Odyssey Sona in the game? Yes!

“One of the mysterious Templars, Sona has a curious relationship with Ora — the divine, golden life force of all civilization. She was the most gifted child born in her order for the entire generation, with the rare ability to communicate directly with Ora-producing megafauna, drifting peacefully in the cold depths space. “

How to get Odyssey Sona in 2022?

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Sona is one of League of Legends’ most popular support champions. Her simple-tolearn arsenal includes a variety of supportive abilities that benefit teammates and weaken opponents. Sona has remained one of the best support selections in the game for both casual and ranked play since her debut. Sona has received several unique skins as a result of her popularity and basic playstyle. Arcade Sona is probably the most popular Sona skin, and you’ll see her a lot in-game. This skin, which was released as part of the Arcade skin series, shows Sona using a game controller instead of the Etwahl in her default appearance. She’s not using her weapon.

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