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Old Saint Zilean – This is a regular skin that was added on December 29, 2009 in probably the most popular game of League of Legends, you just look at the number of people who watch it on Twich!

What’s the Latest? Old Saint Zilean takes the champion beyond just a simple costume change, working toward a better model, textures, and Splash Art in the process. When it is appropriate for the overall concept of the skin or when its absence would be detrimental, new animations, visual effects, and sounds may be included in the skin.

The following is a brief bio and introduction: Old Saint Zilean’s expertise in time manipulation enables him to deliver a large number of gifts in a very short amount of time, despite the fact that there is intense competition among Santas to take part in the holiday. The Snowdown paradox has not yet been triggered as a result of this, which would mean that reality has not been altered.

Event skins, also known as holiday skins, were given out during specific holidays in Runetrra. These holidays typically coincided with holidays that are celebrated in the real world. Some of these skins were once Limited, but they have since been upgraded to the Legendary tier, which means that they are eligible to be sold in the shop once more in the future.

Old Saint Zilean exudes a Christmassy spirit, and he can be seen doling out gifts to people in a rather brisk manner. The fact that he can move with the flow of time and reach in any dimension or location that he chooses sets him apart from the other Santas that are currently operating in the world. It is best to avoid making eye contact with him as much as possible if you want to avoid the snowy wrath that he brings to those who dare to stand in his way. He brings good gifts to people who behave and snowy wrath on those who dare to stand in his way. You had better grab your gift and make a break for it if you don’t want to be engulfed in a real snowstorm.

How to get Old Saint Zilean in 2022?

Old Saint Zilean is a regular skin that has been put into storage. This means that in order to acquire it, you will need to pay 520 Riot Points and do so only during specific times of the year. It is recommended that you purchase this skin during the winter season, when the Snowdown Showdown event is taking place.

What if, however, I want this skin right now?

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