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PAX Jax – League of Legends rare skin, presented to players back in 2010 at the PAX gaming festival (Penny Arcade Expo).

How to get PAX Jax?

This incredibly rare skin was presented as a gift by visitors to the PAX event in 2010. In those days, skin codes were still available, skins could be transferred and sold, which many players did. You may ask how much is PAX Jax worth? One can only guess that this skin was sold both for $200 and $1000, including on Ebay, depending on the buyer, but one thing is for sure, every day its rarity and uniqueness only grows, because many codes have remained unused, and their term has expired, not to mention the fact that now the skin codes can no longer be used in League of Legends.

The theme sends us to Cardboard Tube Samurai (comic book Penny Arcade) and perfectly conveys the spirit of video games of that time. The PAX event was hosted by the creators of Penny Arcade, and on the PAX Jax cloak there is another reference – the legendary Pac-Man game, which is pictured there.

Riot Games did not add a skin of new animations, sounds and particles, however, they changed the model itself and the appearance of the weapon (now it looks like a cardboard tube). In addition to JAX, PAX Sivir and PAX Twisted Fate are also present in the PAX line of skins, articles about which you can also find on our website, these skins were also gifts, but for other events of the PAX category.

Is worth buying this skin? Yes, PAX Jax has four qualities that differentiate it from others skins of the League of Legends game. Firstly, it uses counterstrike to deceive the target for short time, and then it unexpectedly attacked the enemy to damage it at a high level. As the match progresses leap Strike helps to dash towards the enemy for a sudden attack by hitting it physically. In addition to this, empower tool charges its weapon to kill the enemy with might and it creates extra energy to make the attack strong and effective. In the end, PAX Jax uses Relentless Assault to increase the speed of its attack continuously till victory.

This skin contains the Pax Jax in yellow costume along with the Pacman logo orientating on his back. He carries nothing special, neither a spear that crushes the skull of the enemies nor a quick blaster to dust his enemies right there and then. In fact, he carries a long wooden shaft that he uses from time to time to whack his enemies on the head, on the back, or wherever he is able to land that shaft.

How to get PAX Jax in 2022?

Ooops, the fact is that PAX Skins were never sold and will never be sold in the official Riot Games store, and the codes for these skins became unavailable back in 2014, which makes these skins the rarest in League of Legends history, and their the total cost can reach $1,500. However, if you still really want to touch on the history of the game League of Legends, we collect the rarest accounts in the game and sell them to users. We invite you to our store, where you can find accounts for every taste! The only way to get PAX Jax at the moment is to buy an account that already has this skin.

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