Project: Ashe skin released in 2016 from the largest collection of skins of the Project series which shares this theme with other champions (Akali, Blitzcrank, Camille, Ekko, Fiora, Irelia, Jhin, Jinx, Katarina, LeBlanc, Leona, Lissandra, Lucian, Master Yi, Nami, Pyke, Soraka, Vayne, Vi, Warwick, Yasuo, Zed)
The developers have changed literally everything in the skin, from sounds to animations.
From a more classic representation of fantasy archers, Project: Ashe is a futuristic rethinking of the archer class itself, instead of the fabric suit specially chosen by Ashe to be very fast and agile, she was dressed in modern cyber armor with a hologram cloak that only emphasizes her high-tech equipment .
The developers also awarded her with a special bow, which turns into a drone that arranges a light show when she begins to dance or goes for reconnaissance when using the ability.
The frosty blue color of Ashe’s abilities has been replaced with a pixel effect as in the Matrix.
Separately, it should be noted how the developers tried to change her voice. Regardless of who she is talking to Project: Ashe has pre-recorded replicas that have been changed in the style of ROBOVOICE.

Project Ashe is the very embodiment of how the end control of the civilization must rest in the hands of man and not robots or computers or otherwise it would be the end of civilization altogether. It can be said that only Ashe was brave and smart enough to understand this theory and this urged her to join a resistance group she has her sights set on the downfall of robotics and people who want to destroy the civilization by imposing digital intelligence over it.

How to get Project: Ashe in 2022?

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