Pug’Maw is one of the latest and quite fun skins for League of Legends and the first glance makes you leave awed with the cuteness your character entails with the skin.

Category: Regular Skin
Price: 975 RP
Animations: Latest animations including some cool dance moves and tons of dog drool.
Sounds: Immersive 3D sounds to match the character specifics.
Introduction: If you love KOG’MAW, this is the perfect theme for you to see your favorite hero as a pug with the latest and upgraded abilities and really cute animations with cool dance moves and fun audio effects. The skin lets you make the League of Legends experience much more fun and you can make the most of your time with this cool and fun theme with Pug’Maw moving around cutely with dog drool all around.

If you don’t want pugmaw to eat all of your food then it is better to keep it away from him or otherwise you would consistently see yourself without food. He is equally popular among children and other pets and those goofy eyes will make you fall in love with him but don’t be fooled as he never let go of the vendetta that he has to carry out against his enemies, which is something that ecstatically makes him a popular skin within the arena.

Abilities: The skin has some really useful abilities that come handy in short and long-range combats. The skin allows you to spit out saliva balls that cause damage to enemies and you can eliminate them from a distance. You also can master the technique and target enemies at further distances easily with the saliva balls.
Animations and sounds: Sounds and Animations for this skin are created keeping the fun part in mind and they are synced perfectly to get you the optimal experience you expect from this cute little skin including the dynamics and movements of character, the pug drool and the dance movements added for the extra touch.
Pros: The skin is pretty great if you are looking for a theme that is cute and wants to see your favorite here KOG’MAW as a young little pub. From animations to sounds the skin has overall a feeling of cuteness around making you give a better feeling overall.
Cons: The skin is not built focused on strength and if you are a solo player looking for something with strength against your enemies. This is not the one for you. Also, some people might dislike it as animal abuse but this is a pretty good idea to keep the interest in fun part within a game like League Of Legends.

How to Get Pug’Maw in 2022?
You can buy this great skin, like many others, in our store at a great price, with a lifetime warranty and instant delivery!

Price is always measured by the benefits we get after paying that price. In-game price is paid to get the best player to get a leading position in the battle. Bio-Arcane barrage is the main ability of Pug’Maw in which it gains the speed and power for multiple attacks. He moves close to the target for the proper attack and maximum damage to the health of the target. Caustic spit causes the magic damage of the enemy and the void ozone affect the speed of the enemy and slow down its speed for some seconds. Lastly, Icathian Surprise is an ability in which it explodes after 4 seconds of its death which killed the enemy as well.

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