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Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Skin

Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition – a new release of the skin for Thresh. The release date is 2019, the cost is 100 Prestige Tokens. This time, Riot Games decided to completely redo the champion, adding a pinch of fantasy. It turned out great – new textures for Thresh, a new model, new animations, new visual effects and even new sounds and voices. Riot spent a huge amount of time and effort on this skin, pay attention to it!

Skin Bio: as usual, Thresh remains behind the scenes as the puppeteer and head of the “Remembrancers” gang, he himself eschews a direct clash in battle and before that was hiding in the citadel of time, but now he had to be free to rush into battle with the other champions .

How to Get Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition in 2022?

It’s very simple, you can buy it in the League of Legends official store or right on our website you can buy a LoL Account for yourself and your friends, who already have this skin and many others. You will find instant delivery, a great price, ongoing promotions and discounts and 24/7 user support. The kit includes a unique frame, splash and VFX. To receive the Hextech Crafring Prestige token, 100 prestige tokens are needed, the skin can drop out of prey or obtained by reroll. We definitely advise you to add Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition to your collection, because very often in the history of League of Legends it happened that Riot suddenly removed the skin from access and it became incredibly rare, and its cost skyrocketed to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on Ebay and in online stores. So, we do not advise you to miss a good time to buy.

Even though we have very little information regarding this skin that has just arrived on the PBE in League of Legends, according to Reddit, a Prestige version of the skin could be available for 100 Prestige Points. Have you ever seen a more beautiful recall? The skin, like most other Pulsefire skins, should theoretically become available around November 20 with the pre-season patch and should cost 1350 RP. It is, without a doubt, stunning. However, we believe that this Prestige Edition falls short of the original skin. Thresh joins the exclusive Pulsefire skins family as the sixth champion!

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