Pumpkin Prince Amumu

Pumpkin Prince Amumu in detail

Pumpkin Prince Amumu was released on October 22, around Halloween. Pumpkin Prince Amumu was sold for 1350 around the time of Halloween, and has since been taken off the store, and is now a legacy skin, meaning it will be much harder to obtain than non-legacy skins.

For future reference, the best way to obtain Halloween skins or any holiday skins at that is to purchase them/obtain them whenever they’re available, as most of the time holiday skins tend to go off-sale, and thus become much rarer.

Amumu the Pumpkin Royal may be the prince of the pumpkin farm, but he comes at a steep price. Every year during the Halloween season, he is forced to watch as possums and raucous youths slaughter his people. Pumpkin Prince Amumu has ditched his mummy bandages in favour of a purple ensemble that includes a large orange pumpkin for a head. Amumu’s eyes may not appear to be filled with tears, but one of his sorrowful half-lidded eyes does have a little nick at the bottom that mimics a tear. The makeover also includes a new recall motion and a variety of additional animations.

What are skins?

For those who are living under a rock, or are new to League Of Legends, skins change the appearance of a champion but do change the stats or abilities of a champion. It is important to understand this because new players often assume that skins will bring benefits to the champion however, that is simply not the case, since skins merely change the appearance of a champion and nothing more.

Every champion has more skins than others. some may only have a few available, while others will have several available. The number of skins varies depending on the champion. Each champion has at least 1 skin, so there isn’t a champion without one.


Chromas are special varriants of skins, that usually come in diffirent colors from the original skin. Most of these chromas can be purchased from chroma packs however, some can only be obtained through events. Event exclusive Chromas tend to be much more rare then one’s bought through chroma packs. Past event chromas can now only be obtained through the Hextech system, giving the player the ability to obtain previous event items, such as champions, skins, and chromas.

How to obtain Pumpkin Prince Amumu in 2022?

Legacy skins are fairly rare, and hard to come by however, it is not impossible to obtain them, it can just be difficult to get them. You can do mystery gifting, or hextech crafting to obtain this skin.


Pumpkin Prince Amumu being a Halloween skin makes it much more sought after than normal skins. Obtaining it is very difficult at this point in time, but it’s not impossible. With the methods I mentioned you can attempt to get Pumpkin Prince Amumu, and who knows, Riot Games may put PPA on sale next Halloween so don’t doubt your chances, there’s always hope when it comes to legacy skins.

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