Riot Squad Singed is probably the rarest representative of the Riot series of skins in full tactical uniforms. Instead of the usual flask behind, the Riot Singed in the kit has a shield like the special forces characteristic of Riot skins. For the first time, this skin began to be issued at Gamescom and other events at which Riot Games (PAX etc) appear.
As usual, not all visitors to such conferences play League of Legends, so Riot Squad Singed activation codes leaked on Ebay, where the average price for 1 such code started at $50, but it’s worth noting that did not last long.
In 2014, Riot Games turned off all remaining Squad Singed codes, making it even more rare and valuable and now you can only buy an account with a skin already activated on it, so if you are offered to buy an Squad Singed activation code, feel free to refuse otherwise there is a great risk of being cheated!
Even now, a lot of players are wondering how to get the coveted RSS and now I will try to tell you more about this.

Here we discussed the purchase of the skin but we need to understand the strength and position we get in Leagues of Legends. In the beginning, it uses poison trials to damage the enemies in a way to make them weak and damage them magically. Additionally, Riot Squad Singed uses the mega adhesive used to slow down the target by making a magical circle around it. Fling spread a poisonous spray in the ground to affect the enemy`s power. Lastly, it used Noxious Slipstream which passes by the nearby enemies with speed and searches out of the other enemies around the battlefield.

If you are an avid league of legends player then surely you do want to make some noise and what better way to do so other than orchestrating a riot? With the Riot Squad Singed, this is exactly what you will be able to do. This is a limited riot skin that was released back in 2010 and was extremely popular among the players all the way through 2011 but then it kind of lost the touch, now a days it is back with an amazing splash and people want to get their hands on this skin one way or the other.

How to get Riot Squad Singed in 2022?

Due to the fact that Riot Games turned off all activation codes already in 2014, the only way to get this skin is to purchase an account with Riot Singed already activated in our store. If you still doubt it, then believe me, this skin will easily surprise all your teammates and will delight you with its excellent appearance turning every battle into a tactical battle. But there is an option – you can buy League of Legends account with this skin via store!

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