Ruined Draven – Buy League of Legends Skin |

Ruined Draven – Buy League of Legends Skin |

The newly released Ruined Draven is very blue in color and looks quite futuristic. His design is unusual, but also very cool at the same time. It’s honestly hard to comprehend what this thing is, but at the same time its design is so cool that’s its hard to resist.

This skin is available in the store for 1350 RP, the typical asking price for most skins and this skin was released in early 2021. Ruined Draven is still a fairly new skin, so not much is known about it as of right now.


Ruined Draven in detail

It’s like mentioned before has a lot of blue, and black in his overall design, but I personally think these color fit the overall “darker-aesthetic” of Ruined Draven, because what do you think of, when you think of the name “Ruined” probably something broken, or mysterious, well I think these colors fit those aesthetics well.

It is considered to be vastly superior to normal Draven by many. When this skin first came out, there was a lot of hype with Draven fans, and even non-Draven fans. This skin has sure gained popularity and relevance from many players of League of Legends.


Is Ruined Draven worth it?

It is such a well-designed, and highly popular skin. Many players adore this skin, and many Draven mains are even using this skin in battle!

If your a die-hard Draven fan, or love the design and aesthetic of Ruined Draven, then you should definetly purchase this skin, because it’s a great addition to the Draven skin family, and is super nice to have.



Overall I think Ruined Draven is such a well-designed skin and a well-needed skin for Draven. Draven hasn’t received a skin in a while, so this was a great opportunity for Riot Games to make a new skin for Draven, and it was an excellent result. It is such a brilliantly, and well-designed skin, and I along with many others absolutely love it.

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