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Rusty Blitzcrank is an incredibly rare skin in League of Legends that has been unavailable for a long time and will not be available in the game.

Skins of different characters show that enhancement in the characters and sound effects and visual graphics, but they are all same qualities and abilities of the parent’s skin. Similarly, Rusty Blitzcrank has all the abilities of Blitzcrank. One of them is Rocket Grab in which Rusty Blitzcrank catches the enemy by increasing the arm length of his right hand and then dragging the enemy for maximum damage. The other one is Overdrive and power fist. In Overdrive increase the speed of movement and attack drastically. In power fist, Rusty Blitzcrank enables it to pop its target in the air and damage dually. In the end, it uses the Mana shield which helps it to retain itself in the condition of low health till victory.
This is probably one of the oldest league of legends skin because of the fact that it was earlier made available in late 2010. It featured a rusty and old golem, extremely angry and bent on wreaking havoc on his enemies through whatever means necessary. The skin got removed shortly after because players thought that it was a straight-up copy of the original skin, that is why this skin remains the rarest of them all still to this date.

How to get Rusty Blitzcrank in 2022?
After its release in late 2009 (November 20), the skin was quickly removed from the official Riot Games store without explanation. Prior to removal, the cost of the skin was 520 Riot Points, which was quite an average price, in those days this skin was essentially an unremarkable next skin for the next Blitzcrank champion. One can only guess about the reasons for removing the skin from access; rumor has it that Rusty turned out to be too similar to the original version of Blitzcrank and Riot decided that there was no need for it. If you knew Riot, what a wave of excitement they would generate with this action!
Rusty Blitzcrank – This skin for Blitzcrank was one of the first in the game (2009), when League of Legends was just released and the first players were able to enjoy the game, which in the future will be the greatest MOBA of all time. Everything indicates that Riot Games didn’t put a lot of time and effort into this skin, because it became legendary not because of its appearance (the story with this skin is somewhat similar to the history of the legendary set on Ursa in Dota 2, who knows will understand). Perhaps then Riot focused more on releasing new champions rather than releasing skins.
The rarity of this skin is that very few were able to buy it in that short period of time when it was still available, only a few tens of thousands of people managed to buy this skin, given how long it was and that hundreds of League of Legends are now registered million accounts, this is perhaps the rarest skin in the history of the game, the probability that it will be on the account is much less than 1%.
At the moment, and since 2009 (and the League of Legends recently celebrated its tenth anniversary) the only way to get this skin is to buy an account that already has Rusty Blitzcrank. We invite you to our store, in it we collect the rarest accounts so that you have the opportunity to touch the history of League of Legends!
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