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Sacred Sword Janna is an epic skin in League of Legends, Janna is presented this time as an immortal zombie warrior and this skin contains a lot of new!

How to Get Sacred Sword Janna?

Very simple, this skin is currently available in the official store of League of Legends for 1350 Riot Points, and also in our store you can buy League of Legends account, which already has this skin and immediately enjoy the game!
What new have Riot Games prepared this time? Janna got a huge sword made of pure mountain jade, mined at the bottom of a distant lake (this is a very rare gem of green color). This sword gave her immortality, because of which she is trying with all her might to preserve it, because having lost the sword, along with it she will lose the precious eternal life she has been hunting for so long. Sacred Sword Janna is part of the Immortal Journey skin line, this series of skins is clearly a success and each one is worthy of attention, we assure you.

How to get Sacred Sword Janna in 2020?

The skin is still available in the in-game store for 1350 Riot Points and if you are thinking about buying, then it’s time to do it right now! But if you want to buy yourself an account with Sacred Sword Janna already activated on it and not only in our store, there is a wide range of accounts for every taste and budget!
Often in the history of online games, it happens that a developer suddenly removes one or more items from access, after which they become very rare, and their price rises every day, increasing by hundreds and thousands of dollars on third-party sites. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the opportunity, we recommend that you immediately purchase the skins you like. By the way, you can do this in our store!

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