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Shan Hai scrolls Cho’Gath is such an excellent skin available for the classic champion Cho’Gath. Cho’Gath is a very old champion by now lasting over 10 years in exsistence. Thankfully this new skin has kept it alive, and has done it in the most bueatiful way possible.

Cho’Gaths newest skin “Shan Hai scrolls” is the newest skin available for Cho’Gath. Fun fact, there hasn’t been a skin for Cho’Gath since 2018. Meaning its been 2 and ½ years since a new Cho’Gath skin has been released. Cho’Gath was released in early 2021, and can be purchased for the friendly price of 1350 RP.

The Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath is based on Chinese history. Cho’Gath is portrayed as a mythological dragon-like creature! The attention to detail, the amazing color scheme, and some of the sound effects are all fantastic! It’s incredibly amazing to have mountains sprout around him while he’s reminiscing, accompanied by traditional Chinese music! This legendary skin was introduced on January 28, 2021, and it costs 1350 RP to purchase. The skin also comes with a variety of chromas to pick from, which may make you fall even more in love with it!

Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath in detail

It is a Chinese dragon, that is based on ancient Chinese myths and legends. It is also known as (SHSCG) is a furious dragon with fiery flames and an angry-breath. SHSCG is a very shiny dragon, with lots of detailed colors, and misty touches to it. SHSCG is a very nice-looking skin with a lot of nice features to it, and an awesome looking design too.


Is Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath worth it?

Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath hasn’t received a skin in quite some time, so for you veteran league players who have already obtained every skin for Cho’Gath, then it shouldn’t be a problem obtaining the remaining Cho’Gath skins. Of course, newer players will have to decide what Cho’Gath skin they want because there is quite a variety of Cho’Gath skins.

If you are looking for a historical, and significant skin that screams Chinese culture in it, and you want something that looks very artistically well-made, then Cho’Gath may be your best-pick.



It is overall an excellent skin for Cho’Gath. He hasn’t got a skin in a very long time, so this is definetly a nice skin to fix that problem, and I applaud Riot Games greatly for not neglecting their beloved Cho’Gath.

If you are still unsure as to whether this skin is worth your time or not, then you can always check out the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for more details on skins.

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