Shockblade Qiyana Skin: The Tempestuous Student

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Beyond her mastery of lightning and formidable presence on the Rift, who is this Shockblade Qiyana? Unlocking her captivating backstory will reveal what drives one of Runeterra’s most mesmerizing figures.

Qiyana, a learner of the well known champion Shen in League of Legends lore is recognized for her unflinching boldness. After disregarding warnings that no one had lived through the Cloud Ritual – an extremely hazardous custom – she exhibited such grit and audacity that even the Storm seemed to take notice! Miraculously, Qiyana emerged unscathed from this ritual which had taken countless lives over recent years.

Now, Qiyana is driven to gain mastery over lightning, similar to how she achieved dominance of the other elements. Her Shockblade skin reflects this power and skill; when wielding her deadly weapon it crackles with bolts of white-hot lightning!

The Shockblade Skin Line

Qiyana proudly joins the exclusive group of Shockblade champions, which includes Zed, Shen and Kassadin. This honor was first bestowed upon Zed when he made his debut in League of Legends back in 2012 – now it’s Qiyana’s turn! With her new Shockblade skin she stands alongside these iconic assassins as part of this illustrious club.
The Shockblade skin line is well-known for its chic, modern look and weapons that pulsate with energy. Echoed by the recent addition of champion Qiyana to their roster, players now have a variety of characters who share in this unified theme – further increasing the game’s diversity.

The Price of Power

Introducing the dynamic Shockblade Qiyana skin to League of Legends comes with a reasonable cost of 1350 RP – similar to other newly released skins. Players have the option to purchase this new addition in-game for an attractive price tag, or take a chance on loot boxes and amass enough shards for redemption!

When to Expect Shockblade Qiyana Skin

If you have been yearning to add Shockblade Qiyana to your arsenal, the wait is finally over! Released on February 17th of this year and presently obtainable for purchase, expect Qiyana players to dominate in-game with their electric prowess in no time. Grab yours now before it’s too late!


Shockblade Qiyana is not one to be trifled with in League of Legends. She possesses an intense resolve and has absolute control over lightning, making her a formidable opponent! If you’re already a master of the Shockblade skin line or just can’t wait to show off your skills as Qiyana main, then get ready – because this new addition will surely overwhelm any enemies that stand in its way on the battlefield. It’s time for Shockblade Qiyana make an impact!

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