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Silver Kayle is an incredibly rare skin in League of Legends, and its recent rework has made it even more desirable among fans of the most popular MOBA in the world.

How to get Silver Kayle in 2022?

In 2009, a collector’s edition was released, where this skin on Kayle was one of the four included in the kit.
In total, according to statistics, this skin got about 60,000 people back in 2009. Given that the audience of League of Legends is now 100 million users, this is an incredibly rare skin, just think about it, 0.05%!
Kayle is made in silver-blue knightly armor with a huge sword and wings, Riot Games did not add new animations, sounds and particles, which is typical for skins of that era, however, the appearance of Silver Kayle pays for everything in full!
Along with this incredibly rare skin, 3 more of the same ones came out: Black Alistar, Goth Annie and Human Ryze, this collector’s edition could be bought even during the release of the game itself.
Since then, these skins, like the collector’s edition itself, are no longer available and will never be available for purchase, moreover, Riot Games turned off the skin codes back in 2014 and there is no news that this situation will ever change because it was a very limited edition.
However, there is the only way to purchase this legendary account and touch the story, you can buy an account that already has Silver Kayle in our store!
This is the most high-end skin in the history of the league of legends as it features a fallen warrior with beautiful fully-fledged wings and a sword made out of fire or blaze, it is hard to contemplate which is it. Anyway, this skin was given to all of the players who purchased the retail collector’s edition for the league of the legends. The skin remains to this date a highly sought-after element among the fans of the game and is loathed by those players who were not able to acquire it earlier.

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You are making a purchase decision because you want to lead on the battlefield and here, we discuss some facts and abilities of Silver Kayle. Firstly, it uses a Starfire spell blade. It has a dual function in which one is multiple damages to the enemy and the second is to damage the enemy with the fire. After using it, Radiant blast and celestial blessing. In celestial blessing, Silver Kayle heals herself and radiant blast slows down the target. In the end, she gains the speed to make every attack more effective and stronger than before. This all powers are granted by the heavens.

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