SKT T1 Jhin
Category: Epic Skin
Price: 1350 RP
Animations: All new animations for every skill, ability, movement, and action.
Sounds: Upgraded sounds for recalls, enhances skills and abilities.

Introduction: Every year the winner of the World’s Championship gets a chance to choose their favorite champion and have the theme designed for it according to their preference to be introduced in the game. SKT won their third trophy in 2016 and chose Jhin as their favorite champion to be designed the way they wanted. The skin adds everything to Jhin that SKT T1 desired making it one of the unbeatable champions in action and once you get a hold of it you could truly be invincible if you able to master the skills required to handle such advanced abilities and strengths added to Jhin.
The SKT T1 version of Jhin does not only focus on abilities and strength movements but also adds a lot to animations and sound effects making it a complete package for anyone to use.
Animations and Sounds: The SKT T1 kept everything in mind while choosing specifications for their favorite champion Jhin and this skin has all the cool animations and sound effects that you can expect from SKT T1. Consider Jhin re-designed in a much cooler way, getting upgrades in every possible way. This is the whole concept that gets you perfect animations synchronized with increased abilities, strengths and movement effects for your all-time favorite champion Jhin. Sound effects are immersive and match the rest of the features that have been upgraded for Jhin.
Pros: This skin has countless pros that make it worth the points being spent and Jhin’s abilities and strengths being upgraded by the mighty SKT T1 makes it the perfect choice for you to take into any combat. With upgraded abilities, strengths and animations to extremely immersive graphics synced perfectly, what more could you ask for?
Cons: There are simply no cons for this skin and it is probably one of the best skins that you can get for your champion as everything is perfectly designed and upgraded for Jhin in the skin.

How to Get SKT T1 Jhin in 2022?
You can buy this great skin, like many others, in our store at a great price, with a lifetime warranty and instant delivery!

His base skin is already fairly amazing, and if we’re being honest, he would have fit right in with Arcane, but Jhin had had his moment in the spotlight in the Zed and Shen comic, and it was about time another mass murderer got him we fully get Riot Games. But isn’t there a Jhin show in the works? Please tell us there is since that would undoubtedly be another Netflix blockbuster! Ninjas, assassins, and more! He is a ruthless and merciless assassin on a mission to destroy Runeterra and many more other realities. It’s exactly is this disguised mass murderer.

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