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Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia is a skin that’s part of the popular “Spirit Blossom” skin set, and this skin set in particular comes with a lot of very high-quality skins. Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia screams the resemblance of Japanese culture and the aesthetic of “cherry blossom” in it.

The spirit blossom set of skins came out around the middle of 2020. These 4 well-crafted skins have gained popularity in the League of Legends community thus far. The main reason why they are so popular is because of their very cool design, and aesthetic. It costs around 1350 RP, but it’s not very difficult to obtain.

Blossom of the Spirit Cassiopeia is unlike any other skin in that it causes the most severe transformations. The Serpent’s Embrace now has a new model, texture, and sound effects, and her recall animation is a joy to behold. Cassiopeia is shown as a lovely princess who disappeared to the mountains and never came back! The pink and purple color scheme, with a hint of blue, gives the impression that this malevolent creature is truly a nice entity. On August 6, 2020, Riot Games launched this lovely skin. So, given all this skin has to offer, the price of 1350 RP isn’t that bad!

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia in detail

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia is such a well-needed skin for Cassiopeia. This skin does kinda look like a mermaid, but it’s hard to tell when looking at her design. Default Cassiopeia is a good champion don’t get me wrong, but spirit Blossom Cassiopeia takes it another level.

I absolutely love Blossom Cassiopeia’s design, and I think most players will agree with me as well. This is such a top-tier design by Riot games, and I suppose it may not be perfect, but it’s still an excellent skin in my eyes.


Is Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia worth it?

Definitely, this skin has a lot of great qualities about it that really make it reign supreme over Cassiopeia’s other skins. I mean this was an unexpected skin to receive from Riot Games, but it was also a well-needed skin for Cassiopeia.

Getting your hands on is also pretty easy, so there should be no difficulty what-so-ever. Also, Cassiopeia is an excellent champion to get skins for, because the snake herself could use some polishing.



It may not be the perfect skin in existence, but it’s most-definetly close to reaching that title. I mean this skin is so well designed, that I have to give Riot games a round of applause for crafting such a top-tier skin. Sure there are probably a few individuals who have a “different opinion” concerning Cassiopeia, but I think the majority will agree with me on this one.

Overall I’d say it’s definetly worth it if you are trying to pick out a skin for Cassiopeia, but you should only purchase it if you are interested in the Spirit Blossom skin-set. If your unsure if this skin is for you or not, you can always check out the PBE (Public Beta Environment) for more details about the skin.

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