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Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol is exactly what it sounds like, it’s basically a storm-based dragon that basically shares the attributes of clouds and thunder. Default Aurelion Sol is also a pretty-well-made skin, but the new Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol somehow manages to make the Aurelion Sol so much more epic.

Aurelion Sol is fairly new releasing in the later half of 2020. The price is also the typical asking price for a champion, it’s the standard 1350, but it is definetly worth it considering the skin changes a lot of things about Aurelion Sol.


Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol in detail

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol is based around clouds, and thunder, basically a storm-based skin. This skin is very different from the original Aurelion Sol, and it’s even different from the other skins in Aurelions deck of skins. I’d say it’s one of the most unique skins in his collection simply due to the fact that its gemic consist of thunder, and lighting as opposed to the default “galaxy” stuff.

Strom Dragon Aurelion Sol is such a unique skin for Aurelion. I myself quite admire the skin, and I’m sure plenty of other League of Legends players probably do as well.


Is Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol worth it?

Personally, I would buy it simply for its unique gemic, of course, you the player don’t have to, but it is certainly a skin you wouldn’t want to pass up, I mean it has so many redeeming features about it, that it makes Dragon Aurelion, and Storm Dragon Aurelion look like two unique things. It cost the same 1350 RP as most other skins do, but any veteran League of Legends player is probably used to this price by now.

Storm Dragon Aurelion has the standard Chromas that most other skins have, so it isn’t anything special in particular, but they are still quite nice, and quite colorful for Storm Dragon Aurelion.

In this skin, the heavenly dragon Aurelion Sol assumes the appearance of the storm dragon Ao Shin. Aurelion Sol’s E and R abilities blend in nicely with the Summoner’s Rift map’s hues, as if he’s one of the area’s natural residents, prepared to weather a storm. Aurelion Son is an excellent mid-lane champion; his vast presence on the map, as well as his skill and damage kit, may help you win a lot of games if employed correctly; consequently, I’ll show you the best Aurelion Sol skins so you can dazzle your opponents while annihilating them.


It is a really fun skin to get invested in, and it has so many unique qualities about it that make it interesting to use. The “storm-based” and “cloud-based” aesthetics used are really creative, and interesting concepts for a skin.

So far this is one of the best skins available for Aurelion Sol, and while not everyone will agree with that statement, you have to give credit to Riot Games for making such a unique skin for Aurelion Sol. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol is most certainly one of the better skins in the Aurelion family.

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