Super Teemo

Rarity: Regular

Price: 975 Riot Points

Release Date: October 09, 2011

Concept: Teemo as a comic book super hero.

Particles: No New Particles

Model: A new model for Super Teemo, his wind pipe and poison trap.

Animations: New walking animation and new flight animation for fast movement.

Sounds: New FX effects for fast running.

Is there a way to make purchases within the game? Yes!

“Caution is Needed for the Villains! Former supervillain Teemo has now turned good and is ready to fight for the cause of righteousness and peace. He is aware of your line of reasoning, and he is prepared to attack! The explosion caused by Super Teemo’s Supersigil is deafening, and it envelops enemies in a specially formulated poison; after this, it is possible to take them out with your bare hands. I appreciate it, Teemo!”

Yordle Scout becomes the heroic Super Teemo when he puts on his cape and mask.
This skin makes a complete transformation to Teemo’s model, including the model of his wind tube and its poisonous trap, which now resembles a sigil with a large letter “T,” which stands for “Teemo.”
The Super Teemo skin not only features a distinct comic book super-hero motif, but it also unveils Teemo’s eyes for the very first time. This skin can be unlocked by completing certain challenges. Additionally, Teemo seems more menacing, or at least as menacing as a fluffy yordle dressed as Superman can appear to be. The cape, with its waving appearance, is especially appealing, as it adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the outfit. The mask seems to fulfill its purpose, the blowgun seems to simulate a baton, and the use of the Noxious Traps as shields is sufficient; however, the skin still needs some improvement. The new animation and heroic music that came with Move Quick are both helpful in creating the atmosphere of a superhero game. The idea behind Super Teemo is a little far-fetched, but if you can look past that, you’ll find that this skin is to your liking.

How can I obtain Super Teemo in the year 2022?

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