Surfer Singed

Rarity – “regular.”

Price is 975 Riot Points.

Date of Initial Publication: December 6th, 2010

The victim was slashed across the face like a bandaged surfer.

Model: A revised version of Singed and his shield as a model.

Particles: No new particles

There are no new animations in this release.

Sounds: There aren’t any new sounds.

Is it possible to acquire a Surfer Singed through the gameplay of the game? Yes!

“Of course, the haircut is out of style, and the use of a generic brand of sunscreen is a little strange, but the owner’s signature is on the Tiki mug, and look what has made a comeback in the fashion world! This man is a psychic or a seer.”

How to get Surfer Singed in 2022?

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