The Most Unpopular Role in League of Legends

I don’t know about you, but I often notice that most often people are thrown into the jungle, what makes me think that jungler is the most unpopular role in league of legends. Here I have a question: “Why are so few people playing in the jungle? After all, this role is one of the most interesting.” I went online with this question. When I just started playing League of Legends, I was going to play mid or mid, in general, it doesn’t matter, since I came from dota and I had a certain paradigm that mid is the coolest role in the league, although I myself was a support in dota 2. And so I ran into the problem that I have been looking for a game for a very long time. He also throws constantly into the jungle. In the jungle, I did not know how to play and wondered: “Why does he constantly throw me there?” As it turned out, the jungle is one of the most unpopular roles and, to be honest, I also treated this role with a grain of salt. As it turned out later, it was in vain.

Before jungler took over, support was the least used role. The support role was restricted to merely healing your adc, body blocking for your adc, and installing wards until Riot included support items. To make support what it is now, several adjustments were made to the game, including restricting the number of wards you may carry (they used to be an item like potions you would buy, along with pinks). A support with more than three items was scolded at the time for squandering money that should have been spent on wards. Being a heal Bot, a meat shield, or a ward factory weren’t really appealing game mechanics, hence there weren’t many support mains.

Today I would like to discuss with you my the jungle is The Most Unpopular Role in League of Legends and why it is not as popular as other roles, but at the same time it has so many strengths and extremely interesting gameplay. Perhaps it is by discussing this that we together with you will understand why such a multifaceted role remains unsuccessful. When playing in the jungle, you play all over the map at the same time, you can play under the mid, under the top, under the bottom lane, or even take a course on dense and powerful farming and control of objects, it all depends on your pick and the pick of your team. A strong statement, of course I will not check it. Perhaps you will think that I am belittling other roles in the league, no, all roles are extremely complex and interesting, and everything depends on you in each position. Personally, I was faced with the fact that the more I play in the jungle, the more I understand that I play and start in the league already at the stage of character selection, and during loading, I mentally try to build my own farming routes and entering the lane, and this is all preparing for the game itself brings a certain strategic moment to the game. I would like to ask you, as players on other lanes, what do you do when loading into the game, and how do you plan your early actions? Please write about it in the comments, and for now we will continue.

So, what is it that pushes players away from the jungler’s position and what makes it The Most Unpopular Role in League of Legends? Maybe this is a hate that they listen to playing in the jungle at low elo, since players with such a rating like to blame the jungler for a lost lane and lack of ganks, despite the fact that the jungler, for example, is a cap. explicit game mechanics, thanks to which you outplay your opponent. Indeed, for many players, confrontation is important precisely on the lane, when you come face to face with the enemy and clearly see that you are outplaying him in minions, or you have knocked out a flash from him when you kill. But gaining an advantage in the jungle is not so obvious, but this is a topic for a separate video.

It is not my goal to celebrate the role of a jungler, but I would like to attract as many players as possible to play in the jungle, because this role has so many interesting facets that you can feel when playing as a jungler. Yes, even if you just play this role consciously for a couple of days, you will already be much better on the lane, knowing the exit timings and the number of farms of the allied jungler and opponent.

To begin with, while playing in the jungle, you can take on different roles in the same position. Namely, to be a support in the jungle, if you are used to being on guard for your comrades, or be the initiator, if you are used to starting only profitable fights for yourself, or be odeco, if you want to be at the forefront of the attack and do a lot of damage, and all this can be done not in separate positions, but only 1 and be extremely versatile in the course of its many games. You can also perform various tasks and dictate your game, because it depends on you which lane you go to and what you prioritize. And even if your team is hopelessly behind, you will always be in demand at any stage of the game, since it depends on you whether you take the baron or not. After all, it is in your hands that the smite, with the help of which you can steal a baron or elder dragon and potentially make a comeback.

Now I’m not talking about the fact that all roles are important, but there is simply a certain jungler factor that allows you to play well on objects that are located on the map. You decide which line will bring you victory and it is you yourself who can win the game or lose and, thanks to tactical decisions in the course of the game, the role of the jungler allows you to reveal the creativity of your strategies in you. Yes, you may not be very successful at first, but trust me, even I did. With time and experience, and the jungle is very dependent on experience, you will get better and better, your knowledge of your role, about your character and rivals will increase like a snowball that rolls down a mountain.
In my understanding, a jungler in the League of Legends is a certain captain of a team in soloku. The higher your rating, the higher the requirements for you. After all, you need not only to be able to play your character, but also to know your opponent thoroughly, and at the same time you must understand where and how to direct your resources so that your team gets the most out of your help. That is why many believe that only a strong player and an experienced player can play well in the jungle, because the jungle is considered one of the most difficult roles in principle, since it requires a large knowledge base from you. You need to know the time of entering the object, your matchups, monitor the state of the lines, and much more. Moreover, you need to understand what you need to do to win right now: slow down and farm, or increase momentum and push your opponent. And yes, all these criteria apply to other lines as well, but I have already said that the jungler is like a certain captain inside the team in a soloka who watches all other lines and tries to direct his resources from the jungle to any line. You can play from dragons, pushes, split-pushing a baron, or earlier gangs – all of this and more allows you to play the role of a jungler.

So why is this The Most Unpopular Role in League of Legends? There is no obvious answer to this question, but there are many versions, one of which is that people still do not want to be under the pressure that our lovely community puts on the role of jungler. After all, if you look at what I have listed above, it makes us understand that the role of a jungler huge responsibility to the team, and believe me, people will not miss the moment to remind you that it was you who did not smile the dragon right now, you did not go to the gang, it was you who lost the lane to them, it was you who picked the wrong character that your allies would like to see. Therefore, I think that those who play in the jungle will understand me when I say just two words to them: report jungle, because this is practically the most frequent message that you will see when starting to play in the jungle, because, like in any other role, at first you do not understand what’s what and who is stronger: Warwick or Lee Sin, Xin Zhao or Jarvan, etc. This all comes only with experience, so you need to train as in any other role.

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