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Time Machine Zilean – A regular skin added on April 11, 2011 to the most popular League of Legends MOBA game of all time, released by Riot Games on October 27, 2009.

What’s new? Time Machine Zilean – Zilean was transformed in a new look thanks to the efforts of artists and designers. This skin includes: a new model, a new texture and a new Splash Art. Sometimes it includes: new animations, new visual effects and new sounds, where it is appropriate for the skin theme, or where the absence would be detrimental.

Skin Bio: Time Machine Zilean is a magical character that was originally designed by Ezreal as an image of the Father-time and is often associated with time images such as a clock or hourglass. Time Machine Zilean teamed up with the League to save his people from a disease known as chrono-dysplasia in his hometown in Urtistan. His people are known for their advanced technologies and knowledge in the field of mechanics and physics.

He is not a professor of physics but his brilliance and hands-on experience in physics and mechanics set him apart for sure. He is a wizard with machines, hourglass, watches, and stuff and is always preparing new stuff. His latest endeavor has been the development of the time machine and he is so close to pulling it off. First developed by the Ezrael as the depiction of time itself Zilean has previously helped his countrymen to recover from chrono dysplasia a disease that was wreaking havoc and thanks to the technology introduced by Zilean is now properly contained.

How to get Time Machine Zilian in 2022?

The price of this skin is 520 Riot Poits But aa, the skin is currently unavailable for purchase and has been placed in the heritage store. Vault usually opens for a limited number of launches, and this skin can be purchased at the Riot store. In my experience, it can be quite a long time between each opening of the heritage repository, hold on tight!

But I want Time Machine Zilean?

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