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Top 10 Early Game Champions in League of Legends

These are the Top 10 Early Game Champions – top of the best champions for each of the lines! In order to crush the opponent on the line and force him to surrender in 15 minutes of the game.

Find out which champions are ideal for the early game in this post! This means you’ll dominate your lane and bully the other laner so hard in the beginning of the game that he’ll wonder his life choices and why he’s playing this game. The key goal with these champions is to feed them as quickly as possible so that the battle may be completed in under 20 minutes. However, if you do get into the mid-game, you’ll be OK; just try to avoid getting into the late game because certain champions fall off and some don’t.
10. Nami
9. Aatrox
8. Pantheon
7. Tristana
6. Miss Fortune
5. Darius
4. Lucian
3. Ziggs
2. Zed
1. Yasuo

And of course we will start from the upper corridors where the reworked Pantheon reigns supreme. Right now, there is a 53 percent win rate worldwide. The reason is the reduced mana cost, and the dramatically increased damage on the tower, as well as penetration on the ultimate. Now he is not only an assassin, although the assembly of the deathbringer through the hunter’s claw shows good results. Yes, it is through the claw of the hunter, and not through the eclipse to which everyone is accustomed. The Pantheon is now more mobile and versatile. It sticks to the enemy much better, although the explosive damage has become less. In general, his damage has increased, so now we play through the conqueror, and not through the execution. The line can be played through short trades. Killing the enemy will be quite difficult at first, especially if you are playing at a high rating. Your task is to conduct a short, but very frequent trader, forcing the enemy to go to the base and lose farm. You will only kill him if he decides to stay and farm. Don’t be afraid to push! If your enemy on the line is planted for health, then with the jungler you will find yourself one on one. Almost any jungler Pantheon kills at the beginning of the game. I recommend that you try playing through the Ripper if your opponents have a tighter command setup. With the Ripper, Pantheon’s teamfight survival is fantastic! Collect the black ax with the second item. Next, we collect a couple of items for resist, the dance of death.

The second champion in our Top 10 Early Game Champions is of course Shen, who, like Pantheon, is a versatile player. This time he is somewhere between a bruiser and a tank. Shen is very good at early trades due to passive. The main thing is to try to initially place your sword on the lane so that it is behind the farming first wave of enemy minions. On the second level, you get hard control, and on the third, you get a zone of invulnerability from enemy auto-attacks. Also, Shen is perfect: runes grasp the undead and strike with a shield. After taking the lead, Shen begins to pressurize other lines with his teleport and ultimate. The main thing is, before using ult, make sure that the enemy cannot interfere with you. God Crusher can be used. oddly enough, but with this item, Shen is good not against tanks, but against bruiser. If Darius, Camille or Olaf are against you, then feel free to take the crusher of the gods!

Move on to Jungle, and here we have the first champion for early game dominance, Nunu. At the moment, he is perhaps the most powerful tank. He has a very fast clearing of the forest for a tank, which is combined with a high speed of movement across the map. For Nunu, you need to take your running speed into the full set. Phase dash, speed of walking on water and a merciless hunter. Nunu crushes the lines very hard at the beginning of the game. In literally 5 minutes and he does four ganks there! Nunu himself is extremely difficult to kill, as he has powerful healing. After taking the lead, Nunu will simply walk into your jungle and farm. For him, you need to take the garment of spirits. Maximum health, and running speed from the armor of the dead and increased healing from the vestments of spirits.

The second jungler of our Top 10 Early Game Champions is Olaf. if Nunu only puts pressure on the lanes, then Olaf does everything. It’s just a machine, due to the improvement in attack speed and area damage. He also has a high dueling potential and an almost constant slowdown of opponents. The main thing is to learn how to throw the ax exactly at the target and at the distance you need, so that it is convenient to pick it up! Keep a close eye on what is happening on the map, despite the fact that Olaf is fighting in jungle. Olaf is very strong in early fights and you shouldn’t miss any of them. That is, the usual gameplay is to do the first clearings and then go with ganks along all the lines.

We pass to the middle line. The champions for the early game that I want to offer you are very similar to each other in some ways. The first is Galio. Despite the fact that this is a melee champion, he begins to kill them from the third level. He has very few counter picks and very good area damage. Galio can kill ranged creeps and has a very tight control chain. In general, he is a great champion to play duo with the jungler. Despite being considered a tank, Galio can be a battle mage using the demon’s garb. And of course, a big part of the champion’s potential lies in the fact that he pushes very hard on the sidelines with his ult. You’ve probably noticed that the main trend for champions winning the early game is sideline pressure. That being said, Galio is a mechanical simple champion that is fairly easy to learn to play.

The next champion of our Top 10 Early Game Champions is Ekko. Yes, this is another melee champion with ranged damage. Ekko, like Galio, loses a little in some games up to level 3, so you need a little patience. Ekko has extremely strong and short trades and it is simply unbearable to stand against it. For him, you need to take an execution with electricity, a sudden blow, full concentration for maximum domination on the line. He is a good duo champion. At the same time, Ekko can play risky to boldly crush the opponent under the tower, since he always has a way out with his ult. Don’t forget to keep an eye on what happens on the sidelines! Ekko easily defeats waves of minions and must go to the top, help her allies to squeeze enemies.

We pass to the bottom line. The shooters, of course, have never been and probably should not be the kings of the early game, but nevertheless, you can still mark out a couple of strong shooters.

And the first will be, of course, Miss Fortune. This champion is practically the best at everything! The last build through lethality and comet shows incredible winrate! So her playstyle is the imposition of constant short trades. You will win them through passive damage and a comet that you can easily activate. Under this play style, you can take a rune stream, full concentration and burn a dirty move. the main thing is to avoid all-in situations, especially at the first levels! Your task is to wear down the enemy and reduce his health. Only then do you go on the attack, until the very end.

Well, where our Top 10 Early Game Champions is without Draven, the king of the early game on the bottom lane. This champion is designed to push the line. He has very high base damage. All he needs to win is an opponent who believes in himself and goes to fight him! Runes are sharpened for early aggression and endless trades. You need to take a hail of blades, the taste of blood, an insatiable hunter. More damage and more healing! For build, you can take eclipse and debt bouncer. Herald of death, if you need to cut enemy healing, or bow to Lord Dominic, if you need to pierce armor. after getting a couple of early kills, Draven can be re-rolled on one lane! Nn will be able to play one against two or push the enemy under the towers.

Moving on to the supports. For the early game in our Top 10 Early Game Champions is Leona. The best support with high explosive damage and an endless chain of control. For Leona, take a tremor and a bone plate for survival during initiation. Also, a living source to heal your ally. A working combo for the game is the Iron Solari Medallion and the Zico Convergence.

The next support for early domination is Thresh. His runes and build absolutely copy the runes and build for Leona. Thresh also has a lot of damage. He interacts well with the jungler, he has a distance initiation and he has a bar to pull the jungler.

It was our Top 10 Early Game Champions, thanks for your attention! 🙂

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