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Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions

Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions – Let’s take a look at what has changed in the game since the last pre-season and what kind of mechanically simple champions are now dictating the rules of the game in Summoner’s Rift. Let me remind you of the selection criteria. First, when a champion needs to be mechanically simple, have no more than one skillshot. Secondly, the champion must be versatile, play at least in two positions. Well, thirdly, the champion must have a high win rate. Okay, the rules are defined, let’s go!

Let’s start at 10th place of our Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions, and here, as you can imagine, is Sona, the recent queen of the ball, who ruled the bottom line from both carry and support.

Easy champions:
Miss Fortune
Master Yi
Strong champions:
Aatrox: The Darkin Blade
Zoe: The Aspect Of Twilight
Kindred: The Eternal Hunters
Bard: The Wandering Caretaker
Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger
Nasus: The Curator Of The Sands
Renekton: The Butcher Of The Sands
Lissandra: The Ice Witch
Azir: The Emperor Of The Sands
Ornn: The Fire Below The Mountain

Of course, they walked around the zone with a ball of nerves, slightly smoothing out its insane winrate. However, she still has a solid 52.5 percent win rate in support and 56 percent in carry. That being said, Sona is mechanically a simple champion. The only skillshot is her ultimate, which hits the area, the rest of the skills are homing. Sona is a hyper scaling support. Weak at the first levels, but getting stronger with every minute of the game. We select the appropriate items and runes. The first set of runes on your screens is a fluff with a flow of mana, with superiority and a branch of inspiration. You choose these runes when playing against utility champions without a Harven Gage.
The second set of runes is a branch of courage with a guardian with a shield strike, accumulation and revitalization. Choose it if you are playing against a support tank with initiation, for example, against Leona or Nautilus, in items we take the Archangel, the Grail of Athena and the Lich Thunderstorm. For skills, also take Rabadon’s Deathcap. All in all, if you’re looking for a simple teamfight support that can be played like carry, Sona is your choice.

We don’t go far from the bottom lane, and we have Miss Fortune next on the 9th place in the Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions.
Misfortune was already in our top at the beginning of the season, but, however, it ranked higher. A series of nerfs during the season seriously crippled our beauty, but the recent buff returned her to the cohort of the strongest shooters again, and you can again carry on a mechanically simple arrow. In fact, there are no skillshot, although you will have to practice in order to hit enemy champions through creeps. The rest of the skills hit the area and it is extremely difficult to miss them. Miss Fortune has a very pleasant lane phase, it is very easy for her to trade and easy to farm, but in teamfights, the main thing is to choose a position for the ultimate. Now Miss Fortune is popular in the assembly through crit chance and lifesteal, for which the super-heal runes, the legend of the pedigree, and, of course, the Bloodsucker item, are responsible. In general, while Samira is in the bath, but you are looking for a new bad girl, play Miss Fortune.

We jump to the top lane, where Malphite is in the eighth position of Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions. In general, now he has become megapopular, they go to the top, in the jungle, mid and even to the support position. The reason is simple – in the implementation and the winning teamfights ult. By the way, the ulta is your only skill shot of the Malfit, this is the kind of tank that is usually taken to counter-pick some strong AD champion on the top lane. To do this, Malfit has everything he needs: a built-in armor buff and an AOE reduction in the attack speed of nearby enemies. A huge number of runes are used on Malphite. On the top lane, in a match-up, he is often taken to melee with the grip of the undead. Against the range champions, it is more profitable to take the magic Comet, a predator, which allows you to make ults, and do ganks on other lanes. Aftershock is the classic choice for any team oriented tank.
In the assembly, everything is exactly the same, not very simple. Malphite is good both in tank build with an emphasis on armor and in mane build. If your team lacks some magical damage, you may well be able to build your Malphite into a pure mage through Rabadon.

We move further in our Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions, to the jungle, where at the 7th position we have Hecarim, who dominates the jungle for the last two or three, and maybe even more of the patch.
Hecarim is a mechanically simple jungler, your only skill shot is essentially your ultimate, your q-skill hits everyone around you. Your AOE skills are activated on the target you are attacking. In general, everything is extremely simple. Hecarim’s damage scales with running speed, and its effectiveness of teamfights directly depends on the strength of its healing, so in runes, a combination of witchcraft branches with a full set of runes for running speed and accuracy branches is traditionally taken, and the key rune can be taken as a phase dash or a conqueror. In items, the basis is the Triple Alliance and the Dance of Death, to which the armor of the dead and the vestments of spirits are often added. They actually give Hecarim running speed and healing buffs. on Hecarim, instead of the traditional jump, they take either the Ghost spell for even higher running speed, or generally ignite, which, together with the Radiant Cry rune, will add not only boost damage on races, but also running speed. In general, a simple and fast guy. Hekarim will reach the diamond faster than the wind.

On the sixth in our Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions we have Fiddlesticks, which after the rework practically disappeared from the support position, but firmly settled in the jungler position. This is another mechanically simple magician. You have only one skill shot, this is your Aoe skill, all other skills are either targeted or homing. The reason for the success is the unrealistically high speed of forest clearing and the fantastic survivability of this horror movie. Fiddlesticks can destroy two camps at a time without losing any health at all. And, well, yes, his ultimate is also Aoe fear for the entire enemy team. It is necessary to take a dark harvest or execution by electricity, as well as an absolute hunter. The main items are Zhonya’s Hourglass and Rabadon’s Deathcap. The key to playing successfully with this champion is understanding the moments when you can turn on the life drain so that it does not get interrupted and so that your target does not go out of the radius of the skill. In addition to the classic jungle magician, Fiddlesticks can be played and sent through the lines the Aftershock rune with an assembly in a clean tank. This is not so effective after the nerf and treatment from minions, but still. So, if your team lacks a tank, lacks initiation, then Fiddlesticks may well close this gap as well.

And another forester in our Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions is Nunu. However, Nunu has recently been actively used on the mid lane. By the way, already in the next patch, Nunu will receive a small nerf, so you have time to abuse this champion in this patch while nerf. Nunu is a mechanically simple jungler, in fact, he has no skill shots at all, but his q skills are quite inert and you will have to sweat before you learn how to use him correctly on ganks. Otherwise, all skills are area-based or targeted. Nunu has good jungle clearing, high jungle endurance. He perfectly controls the objects of tenacious teamfights and at the same time does a lot of damage. In the runes in the forest, a set of runes for running speed is used – this is witchcraft and domination, with the key rune Phase
dash, but on the middle line, the Dark Harvest is most often taken with the key rune, while the rest of the runes remain about the same. Midlane Nunu is distinguished by the presence of Rabadon’s Deathcap.

The fourth position in Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions is occupied by the Maokai, and for today this is the last tank in our selection. Maokai are now actively used in two positions. Top lane and support. Maokai is a super-tenacious tank with strong healing and good base damage, which, however, was fixed in patch 10.20, but what you can’t take away from him is an abundance of control. Here you have both tossing and immobilization, and slowing down, on the ultimate, immobilization again. In runes on Maokai, most often they take the Grasp of the Undead against champions, with whom Maukai can trade in melee, or Aftershock, if it is not possible to trade with the enemy with basic attacks. Build into a classic tank through the Sunfire Cape and Spirit Vestments, plus, don’t forget about the spiked armor and gargoyles. Overall, if you want a simple, resilient and versatile tank, the Maokai is a great choice.

Before we move on to the top three, a few words about the champions who, for various reasons, were not included in this top, but, nevertheless, are showing good results, and which, in principle, you can use.
The first is Quinn. This is, in principle, a mechanically simple shooter, played, however, only, probably, on the top lane. Strong lane phase, excellent roaming, as evidenced by 53% win rate.
Another top lane champion is Urgot, who is now simply the king of the top lane. If at 10.20 am he is still really buffed in the woods, then he will be playable there, or even lead this top, because he has almost 54 percent of the world win rate at the gold plus level.
Next up we have two junglers, Vayne and Warwick. They did not get into this top, because they do not fall under the second criterion – they are played exclusively in the forest. However, the win rate of any of the champions is above 50 percent, and both of them would be in the top 5 of our rankings if we did not have such a strict selection.

Well, dear friends, are you ready to move to the top three in our Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions?
And the champion from the previous selection opens the top three, this is mid lane Nocturne. Yes, it’s mid lane, not jungler. Despite all of Riot’s attempts to nerf mid lane Nocturne, he still has a 52.5% winrate. Yes, his lane stamina has become much less, he does not press the lane so much, but in general for Nocturne it does not matter. Nocturne is a roaming assassin who is defeated by sideline kills. He has no task to win on the lane. However, in the jungle, Nocturne is doing pretty well, with about 51% of the world winrate.
Build through Lethality and the Black Ax. From the protective items we take the Guardian Angel and the Edge of the Night. Also, in an assembly where you need to duel tanks, the Bloody Blade will look good. Don’t forget, too, that Nocturne’s ultimate isn’t just about getting to the enemy. This restricts the vision of all players on the enemy team for a long time. At this time, supports cannot heal, shooters cannot shoot, and this can and should be used in team fights, especially in team fights for objects. Overall, if you’re looking for a mechanically simple assassin, Nocturne is the perfect choice.

And another champion in Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions is from the previous collection is middle lane Swain. Swain has been slightly reworked since last release. Now he is more of a middle laner than a support, although in a position with support he is still strong and is probably played even more often. But I think people will soon find out about his 54 percent win rate in the middle lane and switch there. As such, Swain has only one skill shot. This is an E-skill, the rest of Swain’s skills hit the area. It is very difficult for them to miss, so if you are looking for a teamfight-oriented mage with a lot of health, strong healing and damage over the area, then take a closer look at Swain.

And our Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions is headed by Annie with 53.87% winrate worldwide, and this is on the champion without skill shots with targeted stun. At the same time, Annie is also played in the support position, so by all our criteria she goes perfectly.
Annie got to the top after a series of buffs this spring and she is holding there quite confidently. In runes we take either Execution or Comet. However, the Predator rune for the middle lane still works great. Annie has a simple lane phase, you just need to farm it. It is difficult to gank her due to the AOE control with good passive. And most importantly, it is quite easy for her to inflict damage both in teamfights and in ganks. All you need to do is hover your mouse over the nearest target and press a button.

Top 10 easy and strong League of Legends champions, thanks for the attention!

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