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Top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends

Here is a selection of the League of Legends‘ most hated champions, and not just a selection with runes and items. Well, here are some tips on how to counter these champions and how to play against them.

There are a lot of things that gamers dislike about this game, especially when it comes to champions. This list will include champions that players despise the most and who they would rather not see on
their side or on the other team during a battle. If you asked me which champion, I despise the most, I’d say each and every one on this list. If you want to play champions, that’s fine, but just remember that you’re a disliked part of the League of Legends community, and no one loves you. Following are the community voted champions as of 2022.
10. Seraphine
9. Aphelios
8. Vladimir
7. Akshan
6. Mordekaiser
5. Fizz
4. Teemo
3. Yuumi
2. Yasuo
1. Zed

And our Top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends opens with Seraphine (not top 10, bonus one). The champion was added to the game not so long ago, but she was already able to squeeze many hated oldies in the league of legends. Seraphine is a unique champion of its kind and its players hate it not so much for its game characteristics and gameplay, although we will get to them later, as for its introduction into the League of Legends. Precisely implementation. Seraphine’s promo campaign was as massive as it was intrusive. Riot created a fake Twitter account of champions, where, under the guise of a musician’s girlfriend, they began to post covers, upload fake photos, forming the image of the successful and, of course, misunderstood Seraphine. This is a vivid example of Cinderella, an example of falling from rags to riches, where she was nothing a month ago, but now she is already a champion in the League of Legends and for some reason she is already called in K / DA. She is on the stage of the world championship and she is given an absolute image, although many champion have not seen him for years. The problem with all of this is that initially K / DA had champions who deserved the love of their fans. Ahri, Akali, Kai’Sa, Evelynn. They are cool on the battlefield, they have a crowd of fans admiring their playable looks. Perhaps one day, Seraphine would have been able to win that kind of fame and get into K / DA too, but that didn’t happen. Riot wrote about her that she was popular and just added her to K / DA. She didn’t deserve it, and that’s why she is hated.

In addition, the release of champions was accompanied by scandals that the image was copied from a real person and that the person was not paid for it. The fact that the seraphina exploits the remains of the Brackern race, that she is too similar to Sona, and so on. But that’s not all. What annoys players is its gameplay. In addition to the fact that her skill brazenly copies the playing style, and just the musical style of Sona. Ee cooldown is one of the most visually broken skills in the game. It is extremely difficult to see the place of its landing and its range of action with eyes. Controls like Morgana, but the hitbox is several times wider and hits through creeps. Well, the ulta also hits a huge distance through the champions – it has never been broken. How does Seraphine counterattack? Seraphine feeds on the emotions of her fans, she loves group battles where her allies strengthen her. Avoid rough fights, stretch the enemy team to pieces, or at least do not stand nearby so that all together do not fall under its ult and you and Seraphine will not have any problems.

The top ten is opened by Master Yi, or as it is called – one-button. And not a day goes by without the topic of Master Yi’s rework being raised on the forums. It really pisses me off because its gameplay is extremely simple and straightforward, but you can’t do anything about it. He just shoots you with Alpha Strike and a couple of basic attacks, then goes back to Alpha Strike and shoots someone else. It is impossible to catch him, if he is also using lethality build with the director, he becomes invisible after each kill.

A significant contribution to the hatred of Master Yi in Lol came from his connection to Taric and the funnel strategy they used. gold was poured into Master Yi from the middle line and from the forest. He, under Taric’s ult, went to shoot everyone, being himself invulnerable. This strategy may have been nerfed a long time ago, but it still tastes good.

How to counter Master Yi? Master Yi is such a light hyper carry with huge snowball potential. He, like a huge lump of snow, flying mountains <neik to his victory, reels everyone on himself. But any lump starts with a small lump. Overclock it at the beginning and everything will be fine! At the beginning of the game, do not stay at low health in a lane far from the tower. Do not engage in risky fights at low health if you do not know the exact position of Master Yi. You can also try to kill Master Yi by catching him in hard control.

We have Singed in ninth position on our Top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends. I don’t know what annoys me the most – his laughter or dull obsession. And he infuriates not only when you play against him, but also when he plays in your team. It is absolutely impossible to understand what Singed will do next minute. Whenever it is necessary to fight, he farms your forest. When you need to <non-occupy a position in front of the dragon, it dies under the enemy T3. Enrages his proxy far too. When he is against you, he draws the attention of your entire team and even if you kill him, it does not pay for all those wasted time. Loss of farm in which your allies are chasing him. if he is on your team, then it also pisses me off, because he farms the lines of your allies. How to defeat him? I think you just need to follow the number one league of legends rule – don’t run after Singed, no matter how much you want to. No matter how little health he has left, do not run after Singed!

Teemo is on the eighth line and you must be surprised to meet him so early in our top. Teemo has long been considered the most hated champion of League of Legends, but recently it has somehow lost ground.

Why do we all hate him so much? It all starts with a line phase, where it is simply impossible to stand against it because of its constant blinding. well, mushrooms all over the map. You have already used red trinket, but you still come across them in every bush and this is unrealistically infuriating. You just beat a non-enemy, you have 200 health, you go into the bush to back up, and there is a mushroom. But he, even as evil, does not immediately kill you, but in a couple of seconds. And you are standing like that and resigned to your fate, but you are not dead yet and you are waiting. This is <unrealistically infuriating! It’s not for nothing that everyone writes that the players who play on Teemo are players without a soul. How do you counter Teemo? every player on your team is simply obliged to buy a red trinket and keep bags for the control <just leaving the base. You won’t have any problems with invisible mushrooms as long as you see them!

For 7 on our Top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends we have Katarina, who was slightly changed in the preseason, throwing on her on-hit abilities and damage, which made her even more imboy than she was.

Now Katarina is not just an elusive champion jumping on teamfight. She also restores herself two or three full pillars of health, and then fights. Most of all, players hate Katarina for the fact that even if you play against her super carefully on the super save line and hug the tower, she goes to her side and does a doublekill there. Because of this, she attracts a lot of toxic players who play for her in order to dominate and humiliate her to show how cool they are. Although in fact it is difficult to beat Katarina because of her damage, and not because of the skill of the player himself.

How can you defeat her? The moment she turns on her ult, she becomes vulnerable so <don’t save the control skill for the moment when she is about to ult and you won’t have any problems with Katarina.

in sixth position of our Top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends we have Shaco. Another invisible champion. If you are unlucky and you are playing against Shaco then get ready. Shaco will pick the most vulnerable target. It is very difficult to transfer a series of ganks from a champion who has invisibility and a jump on one button with a 5 second cooldown. Shaco also hates you for his ubiquitous boxes. You go bush, and there is a box! and it spits you from head to toe and it becomes difficult to fight with her.
Outside of the line phase, you will hate Shaco due to the mechanics of a working ult. You never know where the real Shaco is and who the clone is. Of course, everyone used the ult and control in the Shaco clone.

How to beat Shaco? In theory, just like teammates, Shaco stops vision control. With the help of totem control, you can turn off his traps, and with the help of red stringers, you can notice his movement, even in invisibility.

Unlocks the top 5 most hated champions of Darius, who has become even stronger for the Ripper in the new season.

Darius is hated for his endless heal and not being able to win any lane trade against him. It is absolutely impossible to stand against him for a melee champion, any approach to creeps is very dangerous. Every second you run the risk of being pulled in, slowed down, and so on. After all, you die of bleeding under your rig. Darius only gets more treatment! And he also enrages with his new assembly through the bone breaker and the spells of the summoner of the ghost.

The weakness of Darius has always been that it could be kite, but with a bone breaker it gives as much running speed. Also the ghosts of Darius, jn they just can’t escape!

How do I stop Darius? Two things stop him, the kite and the cure cut. Recruit as many Slow Champions as you can, and don’t forget to buy Heal Reduction items.

Number 4 is Zed. This is a champion with an insanely strong long phase and a safe exit from ganks.
Standing up against Zed means constantly catching shurikken in the face, because he does not spend mana on them that you need to take care of. And when your champion’s health gets critically low, Zed simply kills you with ignorance. but it seems to me that Zed hates not for that. Players simply consider it broken and the reason is in the mechanics of the work of shadows and ult. Let’s say Zed attacks you and you start to fight. Suddenly, Zed abruptly goes into the shadows and is far away, leaving you alone to die from the ultimate. It is this mechanic of easy exit from combat and finishing off with an ult that makes this fight with Zed look weird. This is what irritates and hates the players.

How do you counter Zed? He, in spite of all his strength, is good at countering the purchase of a stopwatch and an hourglass.

Yasuo opens the top three most hated champions. Now you probably hate him for being here and not in the first place!

The reasons for hating Yasuo aren’t really that obvious. Yes, he pisses me off on the lane because he constantly runs on creeps. You can’t keep up with him, you can’t catch him. His trades from a distance are not available to any other melee champion. But that’s not the reason. I think everyone hates Yasuo for the fact that on two items, he gets one hundred percent crit and starts killing even if he went with a score of 0-10. It is because of this that this champion was chosen by the players playing in constant and incessant blunt aggression on the lane. Very often these players are losing 0-5 on the lane, but they continue to play very aggressively. Having waited for their peak of strength, they begin to win and this is infuriating! But, do not forget about its imbalance wall, it also blocks auto attacks. Yasuo puts up a wall and starts to stand on it and you can’t attack him at all. Excellent mechanics!

How do I stop Yasuo? Yasuo is stopped by two things, it is a draft ban on a laning stage gank. Organize pressure on his lane a couple of times and he will split apart from his team.

Akali is number two. Firstly, let’s start with the fact that her kunai has insanely high damage and insanely low CD, you kill a minion in the lane and get kunai in the face. finished off three minions and it’s time to return to the base, because health is gone.

Secondly, she is enraged by virtually one hundred percent invisibility for 5-7 seconds. Not a single League of Legends champion has this long invisibility. Longest Qiyana at three seconds. Talon has 2 and a half. The rest have a maximum of half a second or one and a half seconds of invisibility. And how ridiculous is Akali’s mobility. She has a jump back and three jerks forward! most killers don’t even have two. All of them have one, but here there are three!

How to defeat Akali? In fact, this question is another reason to hate her. This is extremely difficult, because she is mobile, you cannot catch up with her, and if you catch up, then she turns on her stupid Dan. The only way to kill her is control, when she went out for a second of her and her smoke screen.

Well, we got to the first place. We’ve got Yone here!

It was added to the game not so long ago, but has already surpassed Yasuo in terms of the number of locks. The reason for this dislike is that Yone has incorporated the most hated traits of Yasuo, Zed and Master Yi. Yone, like Yasuo, has an absurdly dumb power spike on two pieces. Somewhere far away from you, Yone uses E, runs towards you under her acceleration and stupidly presses one button like Master Yi. After, uses the ult on your entire team, pulling it to one point. The width of the ultimate and the range of action is huge, it is simply impossible for her to miss!
Yone deals an absurdly nightmare amount of damage and how Zed at the end just flies to a safe distance and you get the damage done with his E. And this is unrealistically infuriating!

There is no counter-play against this! However, there is one piece of advice. Try not to stand next to your allies so as not to fall under the Yone ult all at once!

It was Top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends

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