Yes, these champions are as disgusting as they are beautiful, and today we will talk specifically about their usefulness. Meet the top 5 best champions of the League of Legends. this top is based on the fact that all of these champions are good in their own way and will always come in in any scenario. And in general not just cool!

League of Legends ranked matches, as we all know, can be quite the rollercoaster. The prospect of a solo queue excites and frightens League of Legends gamers alike. Every encounter keeps you on your toes, from the dramatic game-winning moments to the soul-crushing failures. To avoid more of the latter, you’ll need to choose and ban wisely. You need a champion that will be good in practically every circumstance, especially if you choose before your lane opponent. However, you’ll need a strong champion who can take control of the game and make crucial plays coasting and relying on teammates won’t always work. You must take control of the situation. And with this list of the most powerful champions in the game, you can accomplish exactly that.

Top opens with Shen. I don’t know about you, but I am always incredibly pleased to play in a team with Shen. He is a champion with high base damage, which makes him a very formidable lane opponent. He gives your team a lot of control, and he’s just a cool guy who will always come to the rescue of a dying ally. It can be used as an escape just to get away with it. But also a wonderful shield, which is not clear how it works.

Well, the next one in the Top 5 Best Champions in League of Legends is Malzahar. He’s a very tough guy, winning cards with just one button. And this, I would say, is its main advantage! The line phase is not so bad for him, in which the eternal Black Shield Morgana can always help you. True, it works only for one skill, but the experience of the players is enough for the eyes. This champion is especially strong in conjunction with the jungler, because in most cases, all you have to do is just press this button.

Well, a very useful forester in my opinion is Zac. a champion with insane vitality. He has at least two lives, he has huge control in his arsenal too! Well, how can you forget about his mega elastic slingshot, which can reach anyone. In principle, he can even gank, unexpectedly already at the second level, which makes him a very unpleasant opponent and always a good teammate. It only takes a couple of games to learn how to play it. You need to understand how his passive works, well, in barking it is also very difficult to break through, because this guy begins to strengthen with his passive somehow very, very strongly.

Well, where are we without shooters! One of the most stable and with a huge range and more! Caitlyn is a really good choice for almost any song. The champion is very good at blind pick. Possessing very good damage at all stages. So, thanks to its high range, it can farm safely, and in which case it can have control and even escape to always save itself. excellent push and can push the very first minutes! And, of course, an ult with a high range to finish off the always fleeing enemy.

Finally we got to support for our Top 5 Best Champions in League of Legends. What could be more useful than a trap! this little support is especially strong when paired with Tristana and other shooters who rely on their damage through basic attacks. Many people still have nightmares about these Lulu and Twitch connections. This baby has a lot of dangerous tools in its arsenal! The main highlight of this baby is her ultimate! Lulu can save or destroy all living things on the opposite team!

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