Top 5 tips for mid lane in League of Legends

The first tip in our Top 5 tips for mid lane in League of Legends is a trick called Input Buffering. Some of you have heard this term, but not all of them understand what it is. Input Buffering is when you click on an attack or skill, while you are out of the attack radius, however, as soon as you enter the attack or skill radius, it is automatically used, it happens so quickly that it is impossible to react to it.

Since the beginning of League of Legends, the mid lane has been the most popular role. It’s recognized for having a big map effect and dealing a lot of damage. Mid lane is by far the most popular role in LoL, with several flashy and mechanically reliant heroes. Its popularity might be attributed to Faker as well. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a mid laner and dominating your games. Make sure you have the greatest gaming keyboard if you actually want to dominate! In this article, we’ll discuss how to improve your mid-lane performance and perhaps even become Faker himself.
1.Late-Game scalers
2.Get better at Farming
5.Watch Pros

Let’s see this with Annie and her Q. For example, Annie does not use input buffering and plays on the edge of LeBlanc’s W, trying to play her Q on it. LeBlanc quickly jumps to the target and returns to the starting point. Annie has no time to react to this combination, and in the end she has to retreat without a decent chunk of health.
Now, Annie uses input buffering and no longer has to react to a combination manually. Therefore, as soon as LeBlanc jumps and instantly throws a charged Q. In order to do this, they come close to LeBlanc’s W radius and thus press “use skill”, but at the same time she does not right click on the ground, as you might think. Yes, when he retreats, he clicks on the ground, but to move forward, he presses Q on the opponent. In this case, the champion independently moves towards the target until he goes into the attack radius of the skill. This is called input buffering at the moment when LeBlanc’s W enters the attack range of Q, it is automatically used since it was pressed and long before LeBlanc’s attack began.
Now you have a basic understanding of how input buffering works and what it is. You should also know that this works for auto-attacks as well.

For example, we see Jinx attack immediately after the jump. This is due to the fact that the right click was pressed before the jump. The auto-attack was unable to strike as the target was out of range, but nevertheless forced Jinx to move towards the enemy. And as soon as the leap was used to close the distance, the auto-attack was activated, giving no chance for the enemy to react to it.

An interesting example of combining auto-attack skill with input buffering on Twisted Fate. The classic combination of a jump and a gold card cannot always work without this technique, since the enemy has time to react and use the skill or his own jump. However, by choosing a gold card and clicking on the enemy for an auto attack, like Jinx, he will immediately throw the card after the jump, leaving the enemy no time for a response.

The second trick on the Top 5 tips for mid lane in League of Legends is used to increase the chance of a successful gank. It consists in manipulating the positioning of the opponent. Moving on the lane in the right direction, you can force the enemy to move where you need to, namely to your jungler. All players are on the lane when there are minions there. Since everyone wants to get gold and experience, for this reason they are next to the creeps for last hitting and gaining experience. If the position is mirrored to your opponent, but the distance between you is closing, then this can cause one of you to step back and lose experience. If you go down diagonally from the enemy, then increase the distance you can farm further, avoiding unnecessary fights. This means that when you change your position to a mirror enemy, his natural reaction, unless of course he wants to fight, will shift in the opposite direction from you. Thus, he will increase the distance and will be able to continue farming, which allows you to manipulate the position of the enemy. This means that if your jungler enters, for example, from the bottom of the map, and your opponent is at the top of the line at the same time, move up to force the opponent to come closer to your jungler. If the enemy wants to fight, in order to win anyway, since the forester is nearby. The only option is to move it to the bottom, but do not forget that this also opens you up for ganking the enemy, and you can end up on your own hook.

The third trick on the Top 5 tips for mid lane in League of Legends is to protect the tower plates. The addition of tower plates to League of Legends introduced some great bait to the game. When used correctly, many are willing to lay down their lives for 160 gold from one plate. We will tell you how easy it is to pick up the plates to consolidate your lead on the line. For example, Twisted Fate will auto-attack the tower and move backwards. He ran all the way to the river, and still got gold from the plates. This example is a great demonstration of how far you can go and not lose gold. We now know that it is possible to be much further away to obtain gold than many assume, but why does it matter so much? In fact, if you remove the plates, it means that you have pushed the line, the longer you take the plate, the more you risk being punished by the enemy who returns from the base after the purchase. This can result in you not only losing dominance on the lane, but also loss of gold and experience. Since you will be forced to return to base at a time that is not convenient for you.

A bad return can deprive you of a large number of creeps that simply crash into the tower. In addition, a huge window for attacking other lanes can open for the opponent, which complicates the life of your allies. They can easily die while you get stuck on your line. And all this can lead to an unsuccessful attempt to pick up the plate. When you decide to pick up the plates, remember that this can be done much safer and more efficiently due to the high radius of obtaining gold.

For example, if there is no enemy jungler nearby and there is no need to run away, you can still think about returning in advance and let the minions finish the job. When you’re almost cast return. If there is not a single enemy nearby and after making a couple of attacks, you can press recal.l Minions finish my work a second before returning, thereby, you will save as much as four seconds. Use this tip in-game and we guarantee that it will be much easier to dominate the lane.
The fourth trick will help you to more effectively finish off creeps in any championships with a ranged attack. It will help you stay in control of the waves. With each new attack, there is a time for which it is used, and because of which it reaches the target. This means that you need to calculate how fast your auto-attack moves, while taking into account the distance to them, and how quickly the minions die. The auto attack flight time is exactly what most players do not take into account. This is especially important when there are a lot of your creeps. Denying in this case becomes much more difficult, since the enemy’s creeps die almost instantly. In order to make it easier to finish off creeps, you should get as close to them as possible. This will shorten the flight distance of the auto attack and it will be much easier to finish off. It is much safer to do this when you have such a large pack of minions, even if there is an opponent in the lane. After hitting you, the minions immediately switch to him and punish you for this insolence.

The last tip of our Top 5 tips for mid lane in League of Legends for today will be on how to position yourself around your own creeps. In case you are playing against champions who can do this, you need to stay away from the wave to avoid getting hit. This will force the enemy to choose between clearing creeps and attacking you. If the enemy prefers to use the skill on the wave, you can come up and use your skills on him. If he decides to attack you, he will lose the opportunity to push the lane, but in fact there is something else that no one thinks about. For example, if you are playing against Ahri. She often prefers to push the lane. Accordingly, you again think that you should stay away from the wave in order to avoid additional damage on your own. However, you need to remember that she has control skills that block minions, which means that if you move aside, you lose a human shield from these skills.

You need to position yourself so that melee creeps are separated from opponents, while not standing behind magic creeps. This will give you a diagonal position towards your opponent. While the melee creeps will be a wall between you. In this situation, the opponent will still be forced to choose between pushing and attacking you, and will not be able to combine these two actions at the same time. But wait, you have another option, use this concept to achieve your goals. For example. If at the first level you want the lane to push in your direction, and you could freeze it, then you are inside the wave, and when, as in this example, the physic presses his e, he will inflict AoE damage to the creeps and thereby help his creeps to push. This technique will help in any situation when you will be pushing a lane, and you do not want it, it works best in platinum, below where no one monitors the control of the waves and this happens automatically.

And so, when against you there is an opponent with strong AoE damage, for example, Ryze, Brand and Victor. Stay away from the wave to avoid taking unnecessary damage. If there is a champion against you who wants to push, has directional control blocked by creeps, for example, you need to stay away from the minions, but position yourself so that your skills and creeps can block the enemy’s control skill. If you want the enemy to push the wave with their skills, stay inside the wave.
And so today you learned 5 new tricks and tips for the mid lane that will definitely help you play better, practice and use them.

These were Top 5 tips for mid lane in League of Legends, thanks for your attention! 🙂

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