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Triumphant Ryze is a rare and old skin that was awarded to winners at a League of Legends sponsored tournament
The skin is available for victory and so far, Riot Games has a list of approved tournaments, winning in any of which you can get Triumphant Ryze
Instead of the usual scroll behind his back, the developers decorated him with precious stones that glow when the character moves. The developers did not add a new animation, but the skin looks great enough without them. Only the best players, real winners, can boast of a skin that shows the level of their skills to other players.
The appearance of this skin is not possible in the official store, since this skin is intended only for winners, but there is a chance to get it in small tournaments, where the organizers have the opportunity to give Triumphant Ryze to the winning players, adding it directly to the account.

Before making the purchase, we highlight the features of this skin. There are four main abilities of Triumphant Ryze which makes it unique in Leagues of Legends. In the beginning, Spell flux makes the actions of the target and the enemies in the surrounding weak, which are making the Triumphant Ryze weaker in the championship. As the game proceeds first, it uses overload to make the damage stronger against the enemy by hitting it with some speed to make the attack effective and Rune poisons slow down its movement for some seconds. In the end, Arcane mastery collects the bonus points from the target by giving maximum damage to the target.

Have you seen someone who hasn’t lost even a single league of legends battle? You don’t have to go to further lengths because you can gaze down Triumphant Ryze to be able to do just that. When the dust settles there is only a single champion that comes out of it which in this regard is the Triumphant Ryze. The skin was awarded to all the team members of a dedicated team who were able to win the Riot sanctioned tournament. But you need to keep in mind that this skin was only made available in the early years of the game.

How to get Triumphant Ryze in 2022?

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