Tyrant Swain

In addition, the skin seems to be the darkest in the range, which makes it very appealing. The skin’s look and movement were reworked by the creators. That’s why the demon-themed golden staff has been added to the collection. Infuriates the enemy to the point of paralysis! Adding crimson highlights to the armoured cloak gave it a more refined and refined look.
It’s worth mentioning Swain, the crow, as a new helper. A new strike animation has been implemented, and the raven is now on Swain’s side in combat. As the battle begins, he rises to his shoulders and releases a cloud of ravens to swoop down on the invading force. The opponent is being engulfed by what seems to be a demonic power.

How to get Tyrant Swain in 2022?

The skin is now in the Legacy Vault, which Riot Games unlocks for a brief time in commemoration of an event to provide players access to. Tyrant Swain’s skin is no longer accessible in-game and the only way to obtain it is to buy an account with the skin already active in our shop, which is what we’re now doing for you. Because this skin is an Epic one, you may purchase it at any time from the in-game store.
Is it a good investment? – If you’re unsure about whether or not this skin is worth your money, then wait. This skin may be tested out on the Public Beta Environment server at any time. You just need to purchase and try out one skin at a time.
The PBE server is accessible to you. Learn more about the PBE server and how to get access to it by visiting this page.
Tyrant Swain’s strong and elegant approach dispels any concerns about the Noxian Grand General‘s might. The garment fully cloaks him, erasing all emotion and humanity. Only metal and magic can be seen in his flashing eyes and arm. Fair enough, the appearance is unmistakably Sauron. Mordekaiser is also recognizable, but in a more regal way. The feathered cloak and armour designs may be more overt raven references, but it is subtle. All in all, Tyrant Swain is a skin with an intriguing, though overused, theme. The execution is lacking. The basic basis is overused, and the evil raven design is underused. For the price, a more thorough implementation is expected.

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